Thursday, August 1, 2019

August 1st 2019 and Monthly Goals With Less Pressure

New Color On Front Door
When it comes to monthly goals, I have really good intentions.  I set goals the first of the month and think when I finish this month I will be on track and feeling awesome.

Well, about a week in to the monthly goals checking in time, I find that I am way behind and it starts to bring me down.  Who needs that pressure?

I am naturally a scattered, chaotic person that eventually gets things done by doing things all at once.  Several projects going at one time.  For instance, today I will complete (hopefully) painting our master bathroom, list 5 items on eBay, move some storage boxes for eBay inventory from the house to  the "she shed", go get MORE lime paint for the garage door and start on that.

In between all that, daily chores will get accomplished, dishes, laundry, sweeping the garage.... You see what I mean?  It is just a normal day of everything.

I will try to share daily lists that will help me with my productivity and accountability. And as I complete the items I can come back and cross them off.

  • Finish painting master bath mostly, need to paint the trim white.
  • List 5 items on eBay
  • Move inventory storage boxes to She Shed  
  • Purchase more Lime green paint for garage door
  • Walk 2 miles 
  • Balance checkbook and update calendar
  • Go through the pile of mail on the counter.

For August, my goals are to be productive, be happy, be a bit more organized, serve God, and do better in all areas of life and not be so hard on myself when I fail.

We are back to work next Friday, the summer has flown by!  I have ordered 3 pair of work tennis shoes which should last through Christmas.  Since my double knee replacement, sneakers are the most comfortable things for me to wear on my feet.  I wear New Balance and when I find my size and cute colors on Amazon I  order them and stock up.

I found cute work tops on sale at Target, and bought enough to hopefully get me through the whole school year.  Yesterday, I went to WalMart and only found one pair of work slacks.  I need to go online an order 3 more pair.

Time to get busy on my list!

Do you set monthly goals?  What about daily lists?  

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