Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday This and That

New paint color and OLD light bar
The master bath is painted, I still need to touch up the trim with white paint.  The new color really lightens up the windowless space.

The lights above the mirror are definitely dated and need replacing.  It has room for six bulbs, we currently only have one plugged in and it is very bright.  Maybe I can paint the bar and get new light bulb covers.

Our neighbor in the back sent over a tree removal service to take down dead pine trees in the back yard.  The trees are on our property, but a big wind could push them into either yard.  She stands to lose more if it went they fall into her yard. For an extra $50 bucks, they are going to remove an additional two dead trees that can fall on our yard or a different neighbor's yard.
Tree trimmers at back fence 

Here is the list of things to get done today:

  • Purchase a gallon of green paint for the garage door.
  • Move eBay inventory from house to the she shed
  • Get that walk in, at least a mile. 
  • Contact a sheet metal installer to replace the metal on the structure in backyard.
  • List 5 items on eBay
  • Go clothes shopping for granddaughter this afternoon. 
  • Schedule oil change at dealership. 

We are experiencing typical summer rains which help to keep the temps manageable.  The grass grows like crazy, but that is fine.  I like to mow, its a great time for me to unplug and think.  

When it comes to getting in the walking, I am not motivated, just too lazy to get out and walk. I have a million excuses, and I know I need to do better.  So I will keep putting in my list as a reminder to do better. 

What are your plans for today? 

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