Saturday, September 14, 2019

Saturday Stuff

a baby green pepper 
It was another busy week at work full of schedule changes and miscommunication.  I was hired towork with VE kids grades K-3.  VE stands for varying exceptionabilities, with covers learning disabilities, ASD (autism spectrum disabilities) and a couple of other classifications.

 I am happy to work with kids in this age range and look forward to going to work everyday.  That is until my schedule was changed and now I have to cover PRE-K ESE three times a week during their special (PE, Art, Library, etc). 

This change will last until the student count in that class goes up and the school can hire another aide, or the count goes down and my help is no longer needed.  For the love of Pete,  I do not want to work with this age group, I was not hired to work with this age group, and I really dread the days I have to go in and help this class. 

I went in to see the Assistant Principal and let her know how I felt, and sent an email to my union rep, and looked on the school board openings to see what else was available.  What the Assistant Principal basically said, was too bad, so sad, but you will have to cover this class.  She said it much more professional and with tact, but at least she knows how I felt about it.  Our union rep said we did not have any recourse either as or official job description is very general.  Sheesh!  This change has wrecked my whole outlook on my job. 

I am hoping after this weekend I can move past it and let it go because if not, it will be a long school year.

So what else is new around here?  Not much.  We are watching the tropical storms in the Gulf as they develop and hope they leave us alone.  So far, so good. 

I have attempted to start growing vegetables in pots  (five-gallon buckets) in the backyard.  So far, I have two tomato plants, one determinate, one indeterminate, zucchini, two green pepper plants, and a yellow pepper plant.   There are no tomatoes yet, but I have two green peppers and one zucchini growing so far.  It is trial and error as this is our first time attempting to grow vegetables every. 

Time to get busy and get going.   Have a great Saturday!



  1. Will be interesting to see what your growing season ends up like, being in FL. Growing up in Southern VA we could sometimes get 2 plantings in every year.

    1. I will keep you posted! Gardening is not something I have done since elementary school, and then it was radishes. I don't even like radishes.

  2. It is hard to be hired to one thing you love and then get shoved into something you don't. Hang in there.

    1. I will! It is frustrating, but not the end of the world. Even though it felt like it last week, lol.