Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday, but Friday is Coming!

 Work is survivable, the little ESE Pre-K kiddos are doing the best they can and so am I.  Once I get past the spitting, scratching, defiance, it's all good.  The kids have their issues, and some of their behavior is not their fault, our job is to help them make better decisions. Whew.. Luckily, it is only 45 min daily.  I definitely could not do the whole day.

I am hopeful they will find the funding to secure another full-time aide for that class and soon.  Only 29 more weeks of school left, I find great satisfaction in counting down the weeks.  Pretty soon, Christmas will be here before you know it.

My 5 gallon bucket garden has produced a zucchini. Zucchini leaves are really quite beautiful...when they are not destroyed by a garden pest.  I have searched the leaves or what is left of them for the culprit without success.  I may try one more pot/bucket for zucchini this weekend.

The weather is a bit cooler, highs in the 80's which is a vast improvement in previous weather temps of HIGH 90's with a heat index of low 100's.  It is just no fun to go outside when the heat is that high.  Not to mention the AC runs all the time.

We are trying to plan a trip to somewhere, Maybe DC?  I had a trip planned last year during Christmas break, reservations in place and I just could not do it.  Anxiety took over and we just stayed at the house.  I am not one to enjoy flying and the stress of it got the best of me. 

Tonight is open house at my grandson's school.  I will be tagging along with my daughter to visit his classroom.  Looking forward to it too.

Grandkids make everything better.