Sunday, September 1, 2019

Watching and Waiting for Hurricane Dorian

We are watching and waiting for Dorian to make up his or her mind as to if it will turn north before it
hits Florida. It is a goliath of a storm, with the speed of a turtle and we are all hoping it will stay away from us.

The last hurricane that was here was hurricane Irma in 2017.  When it passed over our house, I was in the closet waiting it out.  We did not lose power which was a blessing.  It was a scary, loud and another slow moving storm.

Groceries are stocked, we have gas for the generator, and games if we lose cable and wifi.  If  Dorian stays on its projected path which keeps it off the coast of Florida, we should feel the effects by Tuesday.  Our schools are closed Tuesday and Wednesday and depending on the damage if any, we should be back to work by Thursday.  

Work is keeping me busy, I do stop by and read many of the blogs on my blogroll.  I have had little time to actually blog and I do miss it.  Maybe, later on, I can manage my time better and be more diligent with blogging.

I haven't had time to even balance my checkbook, and that is a shame.  I kinda know what is in our checking account, I look at the bank app daily.  Yeah, definite room for improvement in this area. Some things never change, do they?  Except during summer break!  I was on top of the checkbook and its balance every day.

I have a bunch of stuff to list for eBay and I hope to get much of that done on my extra days off this week.  Honestly, I am having a hard time getting things listed since I went back to work.  We do what we can!

List of things to get done over the next three days.

  • List on eBay
  • Organize eBay storage area
  • Prep burger and freeze for future meals
  • Prep Boiled Eggs
  • Clean up after storm passes
  • Balance checkbook
  • Straighten Up desk
  • Take a nap. 

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