Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wednesday Checking In and A Weekly List 10/30/19

The days go quickly with little projects to do around the house.  There are the everyday chores, dishes, cooking, laundry, cleaning that are important to maintaining my sanity and keeping the house
running smoothly.

My daily schedule for this week is as follows:

Walk the grandkids to the bus stop, and then continue to walk the neighborhood for about 1.7 miles with a goal to get up to 2 miles a day.  If I can get this consistent daily walking at least 4 days a week, I consider it a success. 

If needed, I pull and pack up eBay orders.  This can vary daily, as the sales are unpredictable.  Last week was incredibly slow (see my numbers here) After I run the vacuum, maybe mop a room a day, (maybe not) clean up the kitchen and if there are eBay orders I will drop them off at the Post Office.

At least a couple hours a day is spent listing items on eBay, which includes research and cleaning items.  After the items are listed, I put them away in the storage shed.  I keep the items in bins that are labeled and the item on eBay has that information in a SKU spot that is visible to the seller and not the buyer.

If there is yard work I will work that into the daily schedule.  Which includes mowing, weeding, sweeping off the porch and driveway.  Yardwork is my jam, I would much rather mow than clean house.

Laundry usually is about three loads a week and I also work that in the daily routine.  This includes sheets and clothes.

Figuring out dinner, well, that is something I try to plan but sometimes it just changes for whatever reason.  The son-in-law wants to cook, or we have a schedule change, or we just feel like something easy such as sandwiches.

Here is a list I have been working on this week:
  • List 10 items on eBay daily (23 items as of last night)
  • Mow Backyard  (Yard Mowed)  spray fence with cleaner
  • Sweep off front Porch Done
  • Clean up eBay packing Corner WORK IN PROGRESS 
  • Work on Menu for the next few days
How is your week going?  

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