Saturday, November 9, 2019

A Little More Grocery Shopping - I Need To SLOW It Down

Yeah, so when you track your grocery spending you realize just how much you are spending.

I am on a roll, scouring the ads, well just the Publix ad because it is close, looking at the BOGO's and adding them to my list.  Aldi is my go-to for produce.

PUBLIX $42.00

The first picture has BOGO's:

  • Oscar Mayer hot dogs Chili Dogs are a thing here
  • Lesueur Tiny Peas the hubs LOVES them, a single can is $1.99.  With the sale, each can is $0.86.  
  • Blue box Mac and cheese Yep, another favorite
  • Arnold Buns Chili dogs 

Family Dollar

  • Castleberry Hot Dog Chili Sauce is the best.  We stock up. 

ALDI $86.00

Aldi shop this morning and I took my list.

I picked up stuff we will use.  Salad fixings, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions.
Frozen chicken breasts, (two bags) a pack of burger with a save $2.00 sticker,  tater tots, bread, apples, bananas, butter, cheese, salami, sandwich meat.

Picked up tater tots, and they were not on the list.  Found out when I got home, I already had a bag.  Note to self, stick to the list.  The hamburger was not on the list either.  But it had a coupon!


 (Includes Pet Food  $11.00 and Piddle Pads $11.50)



  1. We like this hot dog chili recipe........

    I do it in a crockpot so it's very easy. I'll bag it up into dinner size portions and freeze what we don't use.

    1. I am going to save the recipe and try it out. Thanks!

  2. It is still easy to overspend on groceries even when you find good deals.

    1. It is! Hoping the shopping will settle down with better meal planning.

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