Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Conquering the Stack of Mail and DIY Cash Envelopes.

I had planned on whittling down my pile of mail yesterday, but that didn't happen until this morning. 

Well, I started on the pile and put things into smaller piles of what to throw away, needs immediate attention, save for later, and bills that need to be paid.  The bills are just the water bill and our yearly taxes. 

As I was going through the piles, it came to me that there is a desk drawer that has more envelopes unopened (statements mostly) that need a permanent place for storage.  

So, the mail pile project is ongoing today.  Find the rest of the statements, insurance EOB's for this year, and ORGANIZE them and find a new home for them.  

 For now, I will continue to track grocery shopping and pay with a cash reward card that I immediately transfer the cash from checking to the credit card when I get home. I will use this same card for gas at the pump too.  Let's hope that I can stay on budget and not let the credit card get away from me.  It shouldn't, as it is with our primary bank and I can easily see the amount I charged and then transfer the cash to the card. Fingers crossed. 

Yesterday I made a few cash envelopes to help track spending.   I came up with a few categories and funded them with cash that I pulled from the bank yesterday.  I am pretty sure I will be reworking the envelopes, adding categories, switching the money amounts around.  

I had a bundle of scrapbook paper that I picked up from the Goodwill for the grandkids to use.  That, a ruler, and packing tape and there you have it.  Homemade cash envelopes! 

  • Home Improvements $20
  • Pet Care/Vet  $20
  • Dry Cleaning $10
  • Med and Dental $20
  • Disney Pass $10 (also adding any birthday anniversary cash I may receive)
  • Travel $40 
  • Holiday/Bday $20
  • Clothes/Shoes $20
TOTAL $160

New envelopes I need to work in are 
  • Hair care/cuts
  • Exterminator contract
  • CAR Care (duh!!)
  • Tags for cars
Obviously, this is a BIG work in progress.  Lord, now to get the hubs on board.  He can be a bit spendy - think "Instant Gratification" and that will pretty much tell the story.  Although he has improved greatly over time.  We will see!

Time to get busy with the usual chores!  Have a great day!

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