Thursday, November 21, 2019

Grocery Shopping Update ( Gah!) and Menu Plans

Last Week's Menu
BOGO Pies for Thanksgiving 
  • Tuesday  Take out Pizza
  • Wednesday  Chili with Rice and Cornbread 
  • Thursday  Breakfast for dinner
  •  Friday  Drive Thru (daughter buys) Theme Park night
  • Saturday  Grilled pork chops mac and cheese broccoli   Fish and Tater Tots
  • Sunday  Chicken and dumplings     Pork chops Mac and cheese peas
  • Monday Mashed Potatoes Meatloaf
This Week's Menu

  • Tuesday   Grilled Chicken - Large Salad - Slices of French Bread
  • Wednesday Fish and Tater Tots
  • Thursday  Spaghetti Salad and Cuban Bread
  • Friday Maybe a Theme Park night so sandwiches?
  • Saturday  Grilled Chicken - Salad
  • Sunday  Grilled Salmon, Broccoli 
  • Monday  Breakfast for dinner

 A little more shopping, don't cha know!

11/19 Publix $21.42  Saved $14.81 with BOGO's ad Store Coupons. IBotta - saved $3.20 Progress

11/20 Aldi $85.95 What the heck?  I just noticed I was charged an extra time for Christmas cut out cookies, and I really need to STOP buying paper plates, and plastic cups.  We have a that would save about $20 a month.

Grocery Shopping To Date:  589.71 (includes dog food, cat food, litter, pee pads)

Tracking the grocery spending for this month has been eye-opening... and the month is not yet over.  But, It has been MONTHS since I have tracked any of my household spending.  I would just wing it.  I think since I have been more diligent financially, I felt the pressure to "stock-up" on specials to try to save money. 

It's a re-learning experience for me, but I am embracing it.


  1. When you buy st sale prices, bogo, or specials, eventually all food you eat is cheaper than a weekly buy of what you need. But, then cutting back on the amount spent is the result of only buying special prices. I do it all the time and announce to my friend how little things cost. Of course, things like milk and bananas cannot be bought ahead of time.

    1. I am looking forward to when the spending to save settles down and it will... eventually. And it is fun to announce to all how little you did pay!

  2. Pinto beans and cornbread for me tonight and I could not be more thrilled. I LOVE BEANS!