Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Grocery Spending and What's on the Menu this Week

Newsflash:  Grocery shopping is ongoing.  Let's just say I am stocking up on BOGO's and sale items
whereas before I was buying whatever we needed, hoping it was on sale but buying it regardless.

Now there is a bit more planning with shopping lists, a coupon or two (digital and peelies) and some kind of menu planning.

I would like to think that grocery costs will be more reasonable in the future...or I will continue to feel the need to stock up with the BOGO's.  I don't know, but I am hopeful.

 Here are the numbers as of today.  Sheesh.
Next month I will have something to compare it with, that's keeping it positive, right?

Eat Out $93.00
To Date Grocery $424.67

Last Week's Menu 
  •  Tuesday: Grilled chicken and a large salad
  • Wednesday:  Tacoburgers and Taco salad.  Son in Law cooked dinner
  • Thurs: Grits and Eggs   Sandwiches and Soup
  • Friday: Chili dogs and Tater Tots 
  • Saturday:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes  Son in Law is cooking
  • Sunday:  Ravioli Lasagne in Crockpot with salad and bread
  • Monday: Leftover Taco Meat - Tacoburgers and Taco 

This Week's Menu 

  • Tuesday  Take out Pizza
  • Wednesday  Chili with Rice and Cornbread 
  • Thursday  Breakfast for dinner
  •  Friday  Drive Thru (daughter buys) Theme Park night
  • Saturday  Grilled pork chops mac and cheese broccoli   Fish and Tater Tots
  • Sunday  Chicken and dumplings     Pork chops Mac and cheese peas
  • Monday Mashed Potatoes Meatloaf

That is about it from here.  I shop and I cook.  Truth be told, I am enjoying it.  


  1. Before I landed here, I bought about 90% of my food bogo, sales, coupons. That way, I always ate cheaper than if I had bought what I needed at the moment. How many people do you feed?

    1. My husband and myself,and several times a week, my daughter, her husband and two kids eat dinner with us. They live n an RV on our property. Sounds weird, but we definitely have the land for it. My son in law cooks a couple days a week too. There is balance. I think eventually the grocery spending will taper down. Fingers crossed.