Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Planning and Zoning Meeting Today

This morning myself and several neighbors attended a planning and zoning meeting to speak about an issue that involves inserting a new neighborhood of 11 homes into a 4-acre space on our road.

  We live on a road in a rural setting with about 18 homes on the road and the homes are on an average of 1-2 acres.  There is an undeveloped 4-acre lot that a builder scooped up when the market crashed and now wants to cash in.

The majority of the current homeowners on our road, at least the ones that attended the meeting are against the change in zoning from rural to residential and the building of the 11 home development. We all stated our concerns to the board and after some debate, the board voted in our favor. 

No doubt there will be more meetings with the planning and zoning and the county commission as this developer does not give up.  But what developer does?

The rest of the day was a wash.  I was going to put up our 6 ft white Christmas tree, but when I opened the box, the tree was a lovely yellowish color.  I guess we shouldn't have stored it outside under the metal shelter.  The Florida heat pretty much did it in.  So now we will be using the 3 ft white tree and I will be putting that up tomorrow and let the kiddos decorate it.

Have you put up your Christmas decorations up?


  1. We had a developer who wanted to convert a two lot piece of land into an apartment building. People in the neighborhood asked me to come and be a number. I did. But, then I refuted his claims one by one. People thanked me. He lost out. He wanted to put this in an Historic District. Glad you won. Just make sure all the people who will be affected come to the next meeting. A greater show of support works. Point out that he will change the character of your area, more traffic, and such things.

    1. Yes, the neighbors that went to the first meeting said they would go to the next meeting. We hope to encourage more neighbors to attend. We are also going to call our district county commissioner as well. Thanks again for the ideas.

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