Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday Stuff and Grocery Spending Accountibility

A busy day of getting stuff done around the house, or more
like in the garage.  The hubs and I worked
for about 4 hours cleaning, straightening, organizing the garage. He has tools galore on his side, and I have part of my eBay stuff on my side.

I pulled stuff off the top of the rolling racks, there were empty boxes, dryer vent hoses, and pictures that were not yet listed.  I barely remember buying them, so there ya go.   I also pulled all my shipping boxes and organized them, and restacked the eBay packing tape which I happen to love. You can see the before and after HERE

Earlier this morning, we took my husband's truck to Wal-
Mart for his free tire rotation.  That was a savings of $48 dollars. We are trying to be more diligent with tire rotation to extend the life of those expensive tires. Sheesh.   It was busy, so we left it there
One of the kiddos "driving" the Millenium Falcon.
and came back later to pick it up.

Let's see.... recapping from Thursday, well Thursday found me at the grocery store again.  I needed dog food which was on sale, so that saved me $5.00.  Is that all I bought?  Oh, come on.... No!!

There had cake mixes, brownie mix and frostings BOGO so I picked up a few of those.  There was also a rain check that I used for the Hormel Turkey Breast in gravy that I used.  BOGO @ $6.49 and I picked up a total of two deals.  Then there was bath tissue, sea salt, and Jiffy cornbread mix.  Sigh.
The good news, is I have not been in a grocery store since Thursday.   To Date Grocery $482.41

Overpriced bottle of Coca-Cola @ $6.00

Yesterday, Friday was spent cleaning out my side of the closet.  I pulled stuff that I don't wear or use and am taking it to Goodwill, or if it was necessary, I pitched it.  Did I find anything that I forgot I had?  Yes!  3 sets of Capri pants that I bought for work.  Well, I will have to wear them thrifting.

Last evening, we all went to Hollywood Studios at Disney.  The weather was perfect, and we had a great time.  Finally were able to ride the new Star Wars ride, which everyone n our party was thrilled with.   That area of the park was quite stunning in the evening with all the lighting.   We have about 4 weeks until we are blacked out during Christmas, so we are trying like heck to get to the parks as often as possible.  Travel time to the parks is about 40 minutes for us on the Turnpike.  It is an easy and quick drive but the tolls do add up.  Gotta watch that!

We are enjoying a pleasant change in temps, tonight it is 55 degrees. It is wonderful an refreshing, that is probably why we were so motivated to get the garage cleaned up.

Tomorrow/  church and maybe tackle the back she shed with more eBay inventory.  Or a nap.... :-)

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