Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thursday's Adventures 9/7/19

No waiting for us, we had reservations!
Today was a busy day!  This morning there were eBay packages to pack up and a few listings to put up on eBay. 

About 10:00 today I took off for the post office to drop off my packages, and then I was off to Hollywood Studios to meet a former ultrasound student/ now good friend for lunch at the Brown Derby. 

We stay connected on FB since she moved about an hour away.  Before she moved, she lived near me and we would get up early and walk a couple of miles.   My friend also works part-time at Disney so we benefit from her 40% discount off of food and merch.

It was a good time to catch up on each other's lives and reconnect. Her momma was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer recently and I know just what she is going through.  My mom passed in 2013 from metastatic breast cancer and my friend was there for me when all that was going on.

The dining room in the Brown Derby

Her mom is currently undergoing chemo and radiation.  Not an easy thing for her mom or the family.

The Gondolas move along quickly

We enjoyed a great lunch, walked around the park to check out the Christmas decorations in the park.  Hollywood Studios is my absolute favorite park to visit.  I like to walk up and down the streets and look at the facades of the buildings, the landscaping, and do a little people watching. 

It is still hot here but luckily the humidity was only moderately high. After strolling through the park we decided to jump on the new Skyliner gondolas.

No lines, walk up and get in

We were a little nervous 
A few weeks ago, the gondolas had an operating error and guests were stranded in the gondolas for about three hours, 30 feet high, and it was night time.  We were iffy getting on, but we sucked it up and the ride was enjoyable!   The gondolas move along at a fast clip, which is helpful as there is no AC in the gondolas but they have windows up top that provides good ventilation. The seats are wood slat benches that are secured to the floor and the view is phenomenal.

When I got back to the house, I threw together soup and sandwiches for dinner, hung out with the grand kiddos out in the front yard. They were raking leaves because they thought it was fun. So I let them!!

I will work on a few more eBay listings this evening before I go to bed.  Tomorrow I am headed north about 30 mins away to check out a new thrift store and there will probably be a few garage sales along the way too.  After that, there are always chores around the house to do and a quick trip to Aldi's.

Too early for Christmas?  Not at Disney!

What are your plans for Friday?  


  1. Rite-Aid and Weis(PMITA)Markets and then home to watch dogs and maybe get something listed on eBay.
    Same old, same old. lol

    1. Nothing wrong with a comfortable routine!