Saturday, November 30, 2019

Review of November Goals 2019 And How We Did

I tracked two large areas of our spending last month.  I confess it is not something I do on a regular basis.  Some months I did track, and many months I did not.  We would just wing it and kinda hope for the best.  If something major came up, we would charge it.  Old habits die hard.
Lovely palm tree in the neighborhood. 

In the back of my mind, I knew that every December, I would receive a RMD (required minimum disbursement) from my mom's estate and that would help a great deal in all things related to getting back on track financially. 

Since her death, I have been limping along emotionally, but each year get a little better.  Looking back, she had the foresight to show her love in her own way with the way she set up her estate.  The same could be said for my dad too. 

Here is how the spending played out in November...

  • Keep dining out to $150 $285.11 Spent (We totally blew this goal.)
  • Track grocery spending this month    $642.85 Spent

Is this a lot for our family?  Many times during the month we are feeding more than just my husband and myself.  And this total includes pet food, and pet supplies such as pee pads and litter. 

November, we were tracking out grocery spending to see what we actually spent. We will do the same for December and hope to bring the spending down a bit.  

  • Continue to build my eBay business (Here are my 2019 goals)
  • Rebuild  short-term savings account to $1000 Hovering at $865 $1070.00 saved to date.  Debating on growing the savings to have at least one month's worth of bills saved.  


  • Weekly dinner with grandkids, daughter, and son in law Yep!
  • Have two date nights with my mister One date only 
  • Touch base with my sons with text and or phone calls. Done! Chatted with each a couple of times.


  • Walk at least 2 continuous miles 4-5 times a week. Started this last week about 2-3 times a week.
  • Lose 8 pounds  Ehh..... Not getting on the scale yet.  
  • Strength training at gym 2-3 times a week We have a gym membership through husbands' work but have not been for MONTHS!  Yes, I started back to the gym the last week in November.  

  • eBay Slow and steady (emphasis on slow sales that is)

  • Spend time with a friend (time to use that Disney Pass) Accomplished a couple of times. 
  • Continue to research paternal side of the family I have not spent but a few minutes on it.  
  • Find a hobby that explores the creative side but does not break the bank :-)  Gardening, rock painting? Just not enough time in the day! 

The numbers were not a big surprise.  I was at the Grocery Store several times a week.  That has always been a thing, wanting to always have enough if not more on hand.  

My next post will chat about the goals for December 2019.  

Did you meet your budget expectations last month?


  1. It's always a good idea to have at least a month's worth of bills cash in a short term/checking account. Do you use that for an emergency fund as well? Then make it a little bigger(as long as you are also throwing money into a retirement fund too).

    1. That is my goal, to get a month worth's of bills savings tucked away again.