Thursday, November 7, 2019

Weekly Menu Update Nov 7, 2019

We are lucky that the weather is pleasant enough to continue grilling.  When all else fails, I can always grill a frozen chicken breast or a frozen burger patty. 

We had take out pizza last week and once this week.  For us, that is pretty good.  We definitely could do some damage financially by eating out a couple times a week.  

But, since I resigned from my position at the school, we...well, me,( the hubs thinks we should spend it all now) ...I am better able to see where the money goes. 

Last week's menu
  • Tuesday:  Breakfast for dinner Eggs, Grits Bacon and Pancakes
  • Wednesday: Large salad and grilled chicken
  • Thursday: Sloppy Joe's and Tater Tots (Son in Law is cooking)
  • Friday: Drive-Thru  Theme Park night  I drive and my daughter pays for dinner. 
  • Saturday:  Grilled Salmon, Broccoli Grilled Burgers, Chicken and Salad
  • Sunday:  Chicken and Fettuccine, Salad and Bread and Lemon Brownies 
  • Monday: Grilled salmon, brown rice and broccoli  Take Out Pizza

This week's menu
  •  Tuesday: Grilled chicken and a large salad
  • Wednesday:  Tacoburgers and Taco salad.  Son in Law cooked dinner
  • Thurs: Grits and Eggs   Sandwiches and Soup
  • Friday: Chili dogs and Tater Tots 
  • Saturday:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes  Son in Law is cooking
  • Sunday:  Ravioli Lasagne in Crockpot with salad and bread
  • Monday: Leftover Taco Meat - Tacoburgers and Taco Salad 

Do you stick to your menu or does it change?  


  1. I cannot for the life of me sticks to a menu. But I do pull things out of the freezer daily or every other day and use those things up.

    1. You always find a way to use things up. I try, but the hubs is not a fan of left overs.