Saturday, December 7, 2019

Catching Up

I don't know where the time goes, but it sure does go quick.  What have I been up to since my last post on Tuesday?  Let's see what I can remember! 

Wednesday:  The usual daily chores, with a couple of errands.  I ran to the post office to drop off eBay packages, took my grandkids to get their hair cuts, and stuff my cash envelopes.  

The cash envelopes are a new thing I am trying. Initially, I thought the envelopes would be more to track and control the daily spending.  And now I think they are morphing more into yearly expenses/sinking funds.  It is too soon to tell where it will end up.  On the plus side, I am committing to pulling out a designated amount every two weeks and for now, it is staying in the envelopes and it has a place to go at a designated time. 

Thursday: More packing eBay items, and more listing eBay items. Then I met a friend at Epcot to try to see Neil Patrick Harris narrate at the candlelight processional.  The best way to get guaranteed seating was to have reservations and dinner at one of the designated restaurants.  We did not want to put out that cash, so we walked around the park and checked out the Holiday Cookie Stroll.  

Friday:  I finished up my Christmas shopping for the grandkids at Target.  It was super busy at Target, the toy aisles were full of grandmas checking their lists and loading up their carts.  My daughter sent me pictures of the toys that the grandkids wanted, and that was most helpful.  

Later that evening, my husband and I took the grandkids downtown to see the lighting of the Christmas tree event.  There were food trucks, blow up houses, free crafts to do, and Christmas lights everywhere.  It was fun and one of the things we typically do on a yearly basis. 

Today:  A quick trip to the post office, and I listed more items on eBay.  I think the week caught up with me because was pooped out this afternoon and truly enjoyed my hour-long power nap. 

Here is what we spent at the grocery store this week: $96.48 I am hoping all the BOGO's I bought last month will help with this month's spending.  

Eating out:  We spent $21 eating out this week.  Not bad for us.  

Overall, it has been a good week.  Things are getting done, and we are keeping a better watch on the cash flow.  



  1. I do a little ebay on the side but have stopped any new and just trying to sell my current inventory.

    1. eBay has definitely been a challenge this year. Maybe it is due to all the online selling platforms available? I don't know. I am still listing building my store up to 1000 listings.