Sunday, December 22, 2019

I Am A Procrastinator

True story, I still need to get a few more gift cards for family members.  Both Walmart and Target parking lots were jam-packed, I just kept on going and did not stop.  That only means that EARLY tomorrow morning I will be making a few quick stops to finish up the gift shopping.

Getting up early won't be a problem, my husband's vehicle blew a water pump so I will be getting up at 3:30 AM to take him to town to go to work, and then at 10:00 I will head back to town to get my haircut, and then at 3, I will again go back to town to pick up the hubs.

He will fix the water pump on his vacay, which starts on Christmas.  Oh well, it will all work out.  The truck will get fixed, at least we won't have to pay someone to do it.  The hubs is a trained mechanic which is very helpful.

The last couple of days I have been working on organizing my she-shed that holds the majority of my eBay inventory.  It is very satisfying to get that place in order.  I feel better with the shelves in order and all the acquired rubbish pitched out.
This is one wall of shelves in the she shed.

After the gift cards are purchased, I will be done with Christmas.  Then comes our Anniversary the day after Christmas.  So, I guess I am not done with the gift cards.  My hubs insist on exchanging gifts.  I would be fine with going out to dinner and that's that.

The grandkids are so excited for Christmas, that they can hardly stand it!  I love that innocence of believing. As always, the kiddos give me much joy and purpose. 

I have yet to come up with 2020 goals.  Do you have any goals set for 2020?  


  1. Yes, I do have 2020 goals all lined up.

    1. Wonderful! I will have to visit your blog and check them out!

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