Thursday, December 12, 2019

Staying Busy With a Few Distractions

I have been looking for a compost bin to go in the back yard.  Amazon, Lowes and Home Depot have a huge selection of different kinds of compost bins. There are ones that stack and ones that are on a rack and you can tumble and turn.  The prices range from $49.99 to $199.99.

All of that research overwhelmed me and I am not 100% sure that I wanted to invest any money in them.  While looking online for the compost bins, I found a site that showed how to make one out of a plastic tote.  I had a couple of totes in the shed, so I got my drill and started drilling holes in the sides, top, and bottom of the tote.

After the drilling, I placed the tote/compost bin out back behind the she shed and filled it with a layer of sycamore leaves and all the coffee grounds, eggshells, fruit, and veggie cast-offs that I had been saving in the
freezer for the last couple of weeks.  I put it in the freezer so it does not get stinky and smelly on my kitchen counter.

It is amazing how much stuff can actually go into a compost pile/bin instead of the trash.

After the bin project, I got the hose out and scrubbed the outside windows on the backside of the house.  This time of year, the sun hits them just right and I can see every smudge mark and dirt on them.  It was driving me crazy.

Our menu planning is a combined effort between my daughter and myself.  We plan a menu for two weeks at a time, and post it on the fridge.  It has what and WHO is responsible for the meal that evening.  This is the first week, and so far it is working out fine.  We rarely eat out and only once in awhile we will get carry out for pizza.  That alone has saved us a bunch of $$.  Now I spend that "saved" money on BOGO's.  ;-)

I did go back to Publix yesterday to pick up a few BOGO's and I did find the Maxwell House Columbian coffee in the vacuum packs in the front of the store.   I picked up 6, spent approx $12 and then submitted my receipt on my FETCH app and earned a little bit over 5000 points.  I currently have about 14,000 points to redeem but I am going to let it go until I reach 20,000 points and redeem.

I also hooked up my Ibotta account to my Publix account.  Publix has an app that you can check out the ads, make a shopping list and check for in-store coupons.  I just have to remember to check the item on Ibotta so I will receive credit.  All of these money-saving apps take time, don't they?

We added a new kitten to our fur family.  She was rescued at a local mall during a TNR (trap, neuter and return) event but she was and is quite friendly.  The group had her spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and offered her to me and I could not say no.  So much for not getting any more animals.  Her name is Maggie and we adore her.

I did finally receive my RMD but have yet decided the best way to utilize it.  Still thinking about it. Most of it will go for debt, and then I will probably keep a small amount in the bank for the unexpected things that tend to happen.

Also, I am still pondering the cash envelopes and if I am content with that process.  I tend to get stuck on watching YouTube videos of individuals stuffing their cash envelopes, their budgets, and it can be a big rabbit hole for me.  On the plus side, I have managed to not spend any of the money in the cash envelopes as they are more for expected expenses that occur throughout the year.   I don't know yet, it is still a work in progress. 

Time for another cup of coffee and get started with day! 

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