Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tracking the Cash Tuesday

Keeping track of the money as it comes in or as it leaves is part of my commitment to improving our
What? No Columbian Maxwell House? 
financial picture.  The RMD (required minimum distribution) that typically arrives in the bank on the 1sr of December has yet to make an appearance.  I texted my financial planner, and he said he will be taking care of that tomorrow.

The credit card balance (which I now check daily) had some unexpected activity that required a phone call and emails.  There is a monthly bill fo $11.93 for a home warranty on a home we no longer own.  I have called them multiple times, emailed them multiple times, and every time the charge shows up, I dispute it through the credit card and it is removed. It is annoying as crap.

Then, there was a renewal fee from BJ's wholesale club that appeared on my card today for $55. We don't go and haven't been to BJ's for over a year.  A phone call and an email sent to request a refund.

Oh!  Yes, there is the $343.00 dental charge for the hubs and his ongoing dental work. Sheesh.  The money will be moved from savings to cover that. Hoping that is the end of his dental work for a while.

Stopped by the grocery store for a few things, only spent $25.80, saved $16.30 with BOGO's, digital coupons and sale prices.  IBOTTA $0.10 saved, FETCH 754 points accrued.  It would have been more on FETCH as I was going to stock up on Maxell House coffee using the Maxwell House BOGO at Publix.  If you spent $25 on Maxwell House products, you would earn 5000 points.  It didn't work out because Columbian flavor in Maxwell House was not available at the store.

While I was out, I stopped by the bank and pulled out cash for my cash envelopes.  I added a couple more categories to the lot.  I will share that in a future post.

The melatonin is kicking in, time to call it a night!


  1. Keeping on top of incoming charges is great. It can be quite eye opening on how money slips away.

    1. Yes!! It is a time of accountability that sometimes is a bit painful but necessary.