Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Transfer Tuesday

It's transfer Tuesday and it's time to pay down the HELOC.  Last week I moved credit card rewards to the HELOC balance, it wasn't a lot but it all counts.  I also sent $100 from my eBay earnings to reduce the balance a little bit.  After the first of the year, I will move over a bigger chunk, but for now, a $100 is okay. 

In the mail this past week, I received a check from my former employer.  It was a bonus for all school employees that were employed last year for our school.  We collectively brought up the school grade from a "C" school to a "B" school.  It certainly was nice to get that check!

The check was for $546.02, I sent $346.02 to the HELOC and $200 to our savings account.  Pretty sure we will have to buy a new water pump for my husband's truck, so we need to have that money to cover that expense.

  • $8.66 Credit Card Rewards 
  • $100 Transfer from eBay
  • $346.02 Bonus from last school year (a pleasant surprise)
New principal balance $84,107.03

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