Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cash Envelopes: Maybe A Change

Back in November, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos about budgeting, paying off debt and cash envelopes. There are a TON of videos about all of these topics and one can very easily get sucked into watching them ALL day.

There are also lots of Etsy stores that will sell you pretty cash envelopes, but for now, I have managed to avoid that purchase.  I went the generic route and made my own using scrapbook paper I picked up at the GoodWill and clear packing tape.  This was easier for me and less expensive AND will allow me time to decide if ALL 12 envelopes are necessary.


Budgeting for the categories is necessary but is it necessary for me to pull out the cash and stash it in the envelopes.  To date, I have used $40 cash from the hair cut envelope and $30 cash from the medical and dental envelope.  On the flip side, I do have an envelope for dry cleaning, but I debited that amount when I picked up shirts last week.  Oops. 

There is an auto-tag envelope and tags are due in a couple of months, I can either go to the Tag agency and pay cash or purchase them online and debit it.  The latter is much easier.

But, since I have been pulling out cash for the envelopes and for groceries, tracking the cash is much easier.  Well, until something comes up and I have to make an impromptu purchase.  I LIKE having cash envelopes, it makes me happy to pull out the money and count it.  I know, that may sound a bit weird but I do like it lol. 

There is the option of using Capital 360 Online banking and having 15 or so sub-accounts to use as virtual envelopes.  That may be an option, but I need to see how fast money moves from one bank to another.  I say that because I use a different bank for eBay and when I transfer money to OUR bank for payments, etc it will take 7 working days!  That's a little worrisome when you are under a time crunch to get a payment made on time.

Back in the day when ING was an online bank, I seem to remember having multiple savings accounts.  Didn't Capital ONE buy them out? 

There is no decision yet about what to do with the cash envelopes that I really don't use in real life but would use it in virtual life via online transactions.
What I do like is having cash stashed.  :-)  But, I need to figure out something that works for the future.  Sigh...


  1. Not weird at all. I'm right there with you when it comes to liking cash!

    1. It is very satisfying to have it stashed close by!

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