Monday, January 20, 2020

I Found Firecracker Bushes!

When I worked at the elementary school one of the teachers had these wonderful bushes that had long slender branches that would fill with orange red blooms during the summer heat of Florida.  She said I could get a cutting or two to use at my house, and that certainly would be more economical. 

It did not happen as my schedule was slam full and I just never found the time.  Yesterday, after church I went by a locally owned garden business to scope out what they had. 

Kim's cabbage patch has a great selection of plants and inside there are fresh fruits and vegetables.

The business is a converted gas station.  If you are ever passing through Clermont, stop by.  Kim is a wonderful business owner that supports many causes in the area.  

I love bougainvillea but they have thorns that will pierce your foot and will take over a yard if left to its own devices. 

Jackpot!  Firecracker bushes!  

I loaded up FOUR of these babies and they will be planted this week.  I am so excited that I found them.  They are great for bees and butterflies.  


  1. I love plants, these look like an ornamental grass.

    1. They are my new favorite! They require little care and produce bright flowers all summer.

  2. Remember to take them with you when you move.