Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Transfer Tuesday and Paying Down Debt 1/28/2020

Hello Tuesday!  It is that time again to transfer some money around and pay down debt.  It is  an ongoing process to get rid of the HELOC we have that is a result of home improvements (privacy fence, pool, screen enclosure, generator and that is enough, don't you think?)

I am sitting here at the Hyundai dealership getting my car serviced which involves oil change, tire rotation,  new front brakes, and something else for the brakes.  I bring it to the dealership because of the warranty on the engine.  The warranty is good for 10 years, so I will keep bringing it in.

  Honestly, I like the work they do, it is completed in a timely manner, and they back up what they do.  If they need to keep the vehicle (which has happened) they provided me with a rental at no charge.  It won't be cheap when all is said and done, but the peace of mind is worth it.

I had a chunk of cash to put on the HELOC, but some of it went to my husband's vehicle repair bill.  The rest ($675.00) I am applying to the debt.  There were also some Credit Card reward points to apply as well.

Previous Principal Balance $82,931.86

  • $675.00
  •   $26.12
New Principal Balance $82,230.65

If you need motivation to join Transfer Tuesday for paying down debt OR saving for the next big purchase, head over to Pennies Not Perfection