Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Transfer Tuesday and Paying Off Debt 1/14/2020

Transfer Tuesday is here and it is time to move money to pay down debt!

The final tally on the water pump replacement on the truck was $1400.00 and that was covered by eBay funds.  Now we have to put money away for his brakes which are evidently just as expensive.  Sheesh!

I did not have any credit card rewards to send over to the HELOC this week, mostly because I have been paying cash for just about everything.  Woo Hoo!  Since I have been paying cash for groceries (pulling out $220.00 every two weeks for groceries) my grocery shopping has definitely been more focused and with intent to stay under budget.   Amazing how that works.  I ended up with $4.00 leftover and just rolled it over to the next two weeks.

To be true to transfer Tuesday, I moved $500 from my hidden RMD account.  Shhh.... I have to hide  some money from the hubs or he will SPEND it  in no time.  It is just how we (or I) do things.

We do have a ways to go, don't we?

Last week was a blur!  I spent a lot of time on figuring out how to coupon at Walgreens and then going to Walgreens to shop and reap the benefits.  It is a complicated process and takes diligence and patience.   I have managed to stock up on make-up that I will use this year and still am ahead $5 in register rewards.

I also spent time chasing down sales at Publix and Winn Dixie, all to keep the grocery spending under control!  It takes time, but I am hopeful that with a bit more experience I can whittle down the time it takes to save the money.

For now, when a store has BOGO on items that we WILL USE, I will typically buy two deals for a total of 4 items.  This has allowed me to stock up and slows down my need to run to the store.  Well, mostly.

I will work on doing better posting next week.  PROMISE!!

Old principal balance $83,499.46
  • $500 from RMD 
New principal balance $82,999.46


  1. I still have not figured out Walgreen's. Things at Publix repeat in bogo sales. I do buy more to stock up.

    1. It takes diligence and careful planning, that's for sure! I do appreciate Publix BOGO's, they have helped me stock up and eventually spend less. Are you able to use their app to access the digital coupons?

  2. Sounds like you are doing great with couponing & figured out a stockpiling system that works for you. I love BOGO sales!

    If you have a CVS near you, go get their card. Their rewards program is the BEST and easiest to use. I should probably write a post about how to coupon at CVS.

    1. The
      BOGO's have definitely helped with the grocery budget! I do have a CVS account and need to start back.