Friday, February 14, 2020

Birthday, Valentine's Day and a Sick Husband

It is almost over, Valentine's Day AND my husband's birthday and the hubs is down with the flu and or cold.  Does it matter which?

 He is miserable when he is sick and that fact is well known in our family.  It makes for a long day, let me tell you. 

That being said, we did get through dinner tonight and we have a family cookout tomorrow to continue the festivities.  I have already spent too much on his gift that he picked out and pretty much insisted upon, although he said it can be his Father's Day gift too.   How nice. 

There is no joy picking out a gift for this man.  I really do not enjoy Birthdays or Holidays anymore. 

I would be fine not exchanging Valentine's Day gifts too.  It is like he is doing a favor buying me flowers I don't even care for.  I love carnations, NOT roses.  It is well known that carnations are my flowers of choice.  Not Roses.  What did I get for Valentine's Day? ROSES.  Good grief. 

Rereading this, I do sound a bit ungrateful.  I am not ungrateful,  maybe a bit resentful. I want only to be heard.

Tomorrow will be a better day! I am meeting a former coworker for breakfast, quick shopping trip to get cat litter and dog food and then I will get to see most of my kids at tomorrow's cookout.  That always makes my heart happy.

The hubs will be better soon,  the birthday weekend will be almost done and things will be back to normal.  I can't wait.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. Your post cracked me up, but I feel your pain. Seems most men are the same. DH knows what I do/don't like and still buys me things that he knows I don't like. Ugh!

    We don't bother with Valentine's anymore. We just buy each other a Dollar Tree card and sometimes DH will bring me a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts - my favorite! I hope your weekend goes much better and that your DH feels better soon.

    1. Oh! If only we could agree on a Dollar Tree card, that would a HUGE accomplishment. IF that ever happened, I would have to check is ID and make sure that he was still my husband lol.

      Donuts would be perfect. Did I mention I got a heart shaped box of chocolate that I don't even like?? I thought that would really make me sound like a shrew. Donuts....oh man, you are a lucky girl.

      Thanks for the well wishes! It will all work out, as usual.

  2. You do not sound ungrateful at all. you sound disappointed that he does not understand!

    1. He sees things his way and I see them my way. Some things will never change.

  3. It took 20 years for Hubs to finely get it through his skull NOT to buy me flowers...or was it longer? lolz
    Men don't listen and then they panic and do the clique stuff.
    All I can say about getting through his man flu is "bless your heart".
    Enjoy seeing your kids too!

    1. They do panic or they think that the same old way is the BEST way. Change is so hard for them. It's like I hear what you are saying, but I am still going to default to my original plan. SMH.

  4. Hey it took 37 years and my kids yelling at their dad to get him to buy the chocolates I likes and not the ones he liked. He is so paranoid now.