Sunday, February 16, 2020

Guess Who Is Sick Now?

Yep, you guessed it. ME.  I have finally been taken down with whatever the hubs has and am now
enjoying the same symptoms he has enjoyed for the last few days. It's great, let me tell ya.

The stuffed up nose and cough woke me up early this morning, and while I am waiting for the Dayquil to kick in I thought I would update the Valentine/Birthday adventure that we had yesterday.

To start off, earlier this week, I ordered a new bed online.  It was a big purchase, but we were in desperate need of a replacement.  I tried a couple of beds at the bajillion of bed stores we have here in town ( do you have multiple bed stores where you live?), I tried them at JC Penny, Sears was not close by so I didn't go there.

I talked to friends that have recently bought new beds, one friend bought a fancy adjustable bed about a year ago and she hates it.  She is ready to put it to the road.  My daughter bought a Purple bed and she is so-so about it.  Choosing a bed is an individual choice and not always an easy one.  Even if you
love the one you tried out in the store, there is no guarantee you will like it when it is set up in your home.

This is why after hours of research online I ordered a Tuft and Needle  King size foam bed.  It had consistently good reviews, reasonable return policy and they offered a military discount. 

I went with the semi-firm bed and I also bought a set of pillows.  (Oh, the upsell worked).  The bed has been in our garage since Tuesday and the hubs was finally feeling well enough to take out the old mattress and haul in the new one.  We wrestled the old mattress off the bed, down the hall and onto the back of his truck to carry it to the county dump.  Our county has several substations for the dump and this one was only about 20 minutes away.  It was right in the middle of a bunch of beautiful homes that probably were not there 20 years ago.  I bet they love the traffic that goes in and out of that place.

Luckily, a worker at the dump helped us unload the mattress and we were on our way back to the house to unbox the new mattress.  It was as heavy as the old mattress but once we got all the plastic off it was fairly easy to maneuver.  The manufacturer said to leave it uncovered for at least 2 hours before putting new bedding on it, which we did.  They also stated that it is best to give the bed at least 2 weeks totally unfluff and become the best bed it can. 

It first seems a little soft but when you are lying down as a side sleeper it seems to provide pretty good support.  Time will definitely tell and I sure hope the hubs likes it.   I am not a fan of the Tuft and  Needle pillows and they may be going back.  It is too fluffy and I can't seem to find a good position without my head sliding off which hurts my neck.i think pillow positioning is more challenging when you are hooked up to a CPAP machine too.

We celebrated my son's birthday and my husband's birthday yesterday with a cookout cake and ice cream.  The hubs had to have cake and ice cream ( they never grow up, do they?)  I may still be a bit bitter due to this darn cold/flu I am getting, but really it was a lot of money for the store-bought cake that we don't really need, and the ice cream that will now stay in the freezer until it is overtaken by freezer burn.   As long as he is happy, it is fine.  We all like what we like and want what we want. 

Yeah, I am not feeling that great and it is spilling over into this post.  On the plus side, I did get to spend the afternoon with two of my grown kids, (the middle son was at Daytona for the races) and overall the day went pretty good.  I am so glad this birthday/Valentine week is over and we can resume our normal schedule. 

Time to get the dogs up and out to use the bathroom and then go back to bed. 


  1. I am sorry this crap that is going around is tough. I had t at Christmas.

    1. Thanks sweet lady! This will pass soon enough, but in the meantime I can watch The Godfather marathon. Again.

  2. I am suffering greatly from a uti. I would rather have the crud! Hope you get better soon.

    1. UTI's are the worst! I hope you get relief soon! Thanks for your well wishes!