Thursday, February 6, 2020

Over Spent at the Grocery Store and a Disney Afternoon

Yesterday was a busy day, breakfast with animal shelter friends and a nice visit to catch up, stopping at Target to pick up eggs, creamer, and found a bonus pack of chicken breasts with a $5 coupon.  The final price was $3.84 for 3 pounds of chicken.   I dropped that off at the house and then ran to Publix to pick up Publix milk and Publix grape soda for my husband.  He will only drink Publix milk and Publix grape soda, so what are you going to do?

I did have a few more things on my list which included Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  Publix had a sale, buy two 12 packs of cans and get two free.  There were a couple of more things I picked up, oh yes, paper towels and shampoo.  The shampoo had a digital coupon that made it affordable.

Anyway, I ended up spending more than I had in my grocery envelope and ended up charging the rest on my rewards card,  I was about $45.00 short but whatever.  When I got home I moved money from checking to the rewards card to keep the balance at zero.  It was a spendy 2 weeks with groceries this time.  But, I have certainly done much worse so I am not going to beat myself up about it.

After putting the groceries up, I put together a spaghetti casserole for the men, as they had no desire to go to Disney with us.  My son in law put it in the oven and prepped the bread for their dinner.  My daughter and I had some when we got home from Disney.  It was much better than McDonald's drive-thru.

Expedition Everest

Usually, Wednesday is our Disney day. (We are passholders use our passes often!) The kids get out of school early on Wednesdays so it gives us an extra hour to get on the road to the parks and the plus is that turnpike traffic is light at this time during the day.  Yesterday, we went to my daughter's favorite park, Animal Kingdom.

We had Fast Passes for the show Finding Nemo, which is one of my favorites, The roller coaster at e Expedition Everest, and the safari ride.  My daughter and I love roller coasters and luckily my granddaughter loves them too.  She was a trooper and rode Expedition like a champ.  The safari ride was nice as it was feeding time and we were able to see most of the animals.  After all that, we were home by 8'O clock.

Today is a day of listing on eBay, cleaning out one of the kiddo's bedroom and figuring out what is for dinner tonight.  I need to prep some hard boiled eggs for my husbands lunch which does not take long .Dinner may be breakfast, eggs, french toast, bacon, etc.  And I have to wash and freeze those Target chicken breasts for a future meal.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. Publix is the only place that has a2milk, so I have to go there to buy my milk.

    1. I like shopping at Publix, the stores are spotless, staff is courteous and the BOGO's are usually pretty good.

  2. That's a great price on chicken! I'm jealous of your BOGOF soda deal. We are almost out.

    You are so lucky to live near Disney. What a fun way to spend time with your family.

  3. We get our money's worth out of the Fla Resident Disney Passes. I was so not into inveting in a pass for years... but I am glad that has all changed.