Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Transfer Tuesday (A Day Late) and Paying Down Debt

Happy Wednesday!  A day late but still on track to reduce debt. My weekly goal is to apply ANY amount to our debt EVERY Tuesday, or in this case, Wednesday.  Sometimes it is a large payment and sometimes it is a tiny payment.  Regardless, I am motivated to put "something" on the debt every Tuesday and lower the balance.

Our previous balance was $82,231.86

  • Today's Payment $20.00

Our new balance is 82,211.86

Every little bit helps but we really have a ways to go.  This week there are a few expenses that are expected and on the positive side, I can pay cash instead of charging it.  There are two family birthdays this week, my oldest son and my husband.  They are a day apart and although I have designated savings for such occasions we did go a bit over budget. Not my choice, but whatever.  

The hubs gets all kinda crazy when it comes to birthdays and holidays.  That's all I will say about that. 

I have been busy with eBay, moving my listing station from one room to another.  Organizing the packing and shipping area and moving around storage containers in the shed.  Typically I get more sales on the weekend than during the week.  Sunday and Monday are packing and shipping days and the rest of the week is listing and organizing.  

Overall, sales are still slower this year than last.  I am in a couple of eBay Facebook groups an that seems to be the general consensus with most buyers.  Perhaps that is because there are more online venues to buy from such as Poshmark, Mercai, and Etsy.  Etsy is an established online venue and I do list on there as well.  

Or, it can be the fact that no one wants my stuff!  When sales are slow, doubt raises its ugly head and you start second-guessing yourself. That happens once in a while but for the most part, I just keep listing.


  1. I like your attitude towards paying down the debt. Every single $ counts (no matter how big or small).

    Happy Birthday to your Husband & son. Your hubby sounds a bit like me when it comes to birthdays and

    Ebay has definitely been slow overall. Don't second guess yourself, just keep listing. The number of sellers is a lot more compared to when I started selling over 10 years ago (which results in a downturn of sales. Not to mention all their stupid changes and glitches). Back then Ebay was simpler and sales were plentiful.

  2. Thanks! I need to move some cash out of eBay paypal and make a bigger payment soon.

    The whole birthday thing...It will probably never change.

    I have been listing fairly regularly. I am almost at my 1000 item limit for the store subscription I currently have. And the changes and glitches are just a thing we have to live with, but they are irritating! Lately, I have been able to obtain items to sell from fill a bag sales which is helpful with the cost of goods. And once in a while friends give me their stuff as opposed to donating it to GoodWill.

    I have added a couple of auctions to the mix. The cost of the items was low, and I maybe was going to pitch it anyway! Maybe the auctions will increase store traffic? We will see.

    Thanks for your encouraging words!!