Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wednesday Stuff: Money and Mowing the Yard

Revisiting the cash envelopes and how it has impacted my spending, let's see...It has definitely held me accountable!  Every 2 weeks I take out $400 cash and disperse it to my cash envelopes.  Of that $400, $220 is for groceries.  I divide the grocery money, $100 one week and $120 the second week.  For the most part, the grocery spending falls within the limits of $220 biweekly.  That alone is a huge accomplishment. 

The remaining $180 cash is distributed into 12 sinking funds/cash envelopes.  I have found that I REALLY like having the cash on hand, but it is inconvenient when a purchase is made let's say for home improvement and I then have to get the cash out of the envelope and deposit it to the checking account.   For the most part, I just leave the cash in the envelope and use the cash cushion in the checking account to cover the purchase.  Unless it is a HUGE purchase, then I will literally move the money. 

I hesitate to put the cash envelope money into one general savings account because I am pretty sure I
would find a way to spend it.  My husband is not the only one that can spend money, just saying!   I am still on the fence about opening an online account at Capital One 360 where you can have up to 20 savings accounts.

  It might be easier to move the money around, but would I be more likely to spend it if it was so easy to move around??   Maybe, I just don't know.  I could always try it out and see. 

Most of our tax stuff has arrived and it will be time to get it all together and take it to our CPA.  My goal is to get it ready by the end of next week and call for an appt by the end of February.   Last year we did get a small refund, I hope this year it is the same.  If we do, at least half will go on the HELOC. 

The weather has been mild enough to get out the lawn tractor and mow the yard. We have not had a significant cold snap or freeze that has killed the grass or stopped its growth.  Yesterday, I gassed up the tractor and mowed the front and back yard in sunny, clear weather.  It is perfect weather for February, but I wanted to get it done as a string of storms is moving through Thursday and Friday. 

I also planted ( I use that term lightly) a few bags of Zinnia seeds in the front bed.  Last year I planted a few bags of Zinnia seeds that I found at Dollar General for 90% off and they bloomed all summer!  I am hoping for the same success this year with seeds from Wal-Mart.  The Zinnias can take the heat of summer and are a magnet for butterflies and bees.  We really enjoyed them last year.

Today I am meeting two of my animal shelter buddies for breakfast.  Side note: My husband and I don't eat out much at all, but me, that is another story.  It seems I have lunch/breakfast dates weekly.  Which is okay, I need to stay connected to friends and family outside of the home.  I also try to limit it to once a week.    

Have a great Wednesday! 


  1. Wow love the Zinnias. I am going to try that. It is snowing here so seeing the lawnmower shot made me jealous.

  2. I discovered the beauty of Zinnias last year. They are my new favorite flower. Mowing the yard is where I get my best thinking done.

  3. I planted some Zinnia seeds last year and DH ended up spraying the baby plants when he sprayed the weeds. I was so mad. He doesn't know the difference between a plant and a weed, so I try to keep him out of my garden as much as

    1. My husband is the same way with plants! He has learned to ask before he mows or weed eats.


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