Thursday, March 12, 2020

Cancelled Trip to DC and Panic Shopping

The buds on cherry trees around the Tidal Basin start to open in this file photo. Cherry Blossom Festival organizers announced Wednesday that several events this year will be canceled. (J. David Ake/AP)
Cherry Blossom Festival Cancels Events 
True Confession time.  My husband and I had planned, booked and reserved all that we needed for a successful trip to Washington D.C for the last week in March.  The trip was paid for and all was good until that darn coronavirus reared its ugly head. 

We were still going until we received a call regarding our booked tour to the White House and the Capital building.  They are suspending all tours until April 1.  Great.

I asked the fella if he knew if the museums were shutting down, he said to check the Smithsonian website.  I did, they are still open but have suspended several activities that are hands-on activities. The cherry blossom festival is that same week, and several events that go along with the festival are also canceled.  I really did not want to take the chance and get to DC and everything be shut down. That stressed me out too!

We chatted about it and decided to cancel and try again later this year if all is well.  What does this mean financially?  There will be no charge for the hotel reservations that are canceled. 
The airfare will be credited and we can use that credit for another flight.  Translation: we are not getting our money back.  The credit will last a year.   The extras we paid for such as extra legroom baggage will be credited back to our credit card. 

I didn't post about the trip because I tend to get really anxious about flying.  And talking about it make it worse.  I only told my family and one friend that I was going.  Truth be told, I was still anxious! 

The canceling of the trip led me to think I need to run to the store and stock up on groceries.  You know, just in case everyone is going to be quarantined. I know we probably won't be quarantined but hey, I am ready.    What it really was is that I bought into the hype and hysteria, but whatever.  $120 later I think we should be good for a week to 10 days if not more.  It totally blew up my grocery, but confessing the crime here helps :-)

That is all for this Thursday.  I need some cookie dough now.


  1. So sorry about the plans deferred. I am anxious flying, too. Do you have enough cookie dough for two weeks?

  2. My sister lives in DC. let me know when you reschedule, Hubs and I can join you at a few spots. We know the area well as we have been there many, many times.

  3. I love DC. Sorry to hear your trip is cancelled for now.

    I'm glad you were able to stock up on groceries. I blew the budget too, but won't be grocery shopping for the next 2-3 weeks.