Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hello Anxiety, It's Been Awhile

This virus has got me all screwed up.  As businesses, theme parks and beaches have been closing, my
anxiety has been off the charts.  I have prepped for hurricanes, with hurricanes, you have the expectation that normal will return within a week or so.  This is a whole different animal. 

The last time I experience this much anxiety and stress was ( 8 years ago) when I was living with and taking care of my sick parents, working, and planning their funerals within 6 months of each other's passing. And then untangling their estate afterward.  That about did me in. 

I have coped with the current anxiety by grocery shopping/foraging ( A LOT)  for all items necessary ranging from frozen corn to the elusive toilet paper.  My daughter and I have spent a lot of money (her more than me) on having enough for the kiddos and to eat and things to keep them occupied.  

Today's shopping was online.  I found toilet paper online that may or may not be here by the end of April.  Honestly, TP is like gold, isn't it?   I figured by April we will need some.  I have some stashed but it may only last a couple of weeks.   Oh, we were out of milk, I ran to Publix but they were out too.  Then I passed by Family Dollar and they did have a full cooler of milk.  I picked up two gallons and headed back to the house.  

I did get my taxes done on Monday, we will be getting a small refund.  No doubt some of that will go to cover this panic/anxiety shopping.  Did I mention I picked up paint to repaint the master bedroom? Yeah, I need to stop and get a grip. 

To better cope with the stress, I have been taking walks twice a day, and then if time permits I will float in the pool and listen to the birds in the trees.  This has been helpful, and I do feel a bit more in control. 

How are you doing?  I hope you are coping better than I am.  


  1. My friend Tommy stresses me out by not taking the virus seriously and insisting that he WILL go to church and i am just paranoid. No, all the big churches are cancelling services and this dinky church is keeping the doors open so all the members, all but two over seventy, will come and share the virus. I only go into grocery stores and i am wearing a mask and gloves and carrying a canister of Lysol wipes. The last i herd, this should last 18 months. So, i will continue my forays into stores, especially Publix and buy the bogo items if it is something i need. At this point, i have enough food to last three months. Obviously, i will need more to last 18 months. I hope you can keep your anxiety under control.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I am feeling much better and the anxiety is pretty much under control. Acceptance of how different things are now has helped. OUr church started streaming their services last week. My husbands's church ( which is much smaller) is suppose to start streaming their services this week.

      Good for you for carrying the Lysol wipes, maks and gloves into the store! We have to be vigilent with this mess.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety & stress. I know the feeling. I too, buried both my parents 8 years ago. They passed away exactly 8 weeks after each other. So I flew to Africa 2 months in a row. I suffered many panic attacks at night, for months. I hope you'll start feeling better soon. This too shall pass.

    You're lucky to be able to go walking. I took DS for a drive yesterday, cause we have rain for the next few weeks. I was hoping to at least start planting veggies. I'm just busy listing my dead pile of Ebay inventory. Don't know how long it's gonna last. I'm already missing thrifting. Not to mention yard sale season is supposed to start soon. I wonder if we'll even see any yard sales this summer.

    Business has been slow, but thankfully we'll be getting stimulus checks in the next few weeks. Keeping fingers crossed.

    1. Sweet lady! You have been through it too! The anxiety is better and pretty much under control. I have adjusted to out new normal for now.
      I MISS thrifting too! eBay has been slow, but I have not listed in a while, and I think listing always helps stimulate sales.

      Yes, the stimulus checks will definitely help.

  3. You know I hate to admit it but I am super anxious and I have no reason to be. I have every thing I need. The sun is out today and it will hit 60 so I will go for a long walk that should help.

  4. It's a really hard time right now. I'm making time to journal & write down 3 things I'm grateful for each day. I also try to meditate daily, go for walks outdoor, and spend time with my family. I'm juggling work & the kids at home, and it's challenging, so I'm trying to find the bright spots.

    Hoping you are able to find good solutions for managing your anxiety.

  5. I too am battling anxiety but over all just sad for the world. Still in shock this really happening and just acknowledging how we take things for granted, simple everyday things. I remember a few weeks ago my granddaughter had a choir concert and my daughter had given late notice (I kind of wanted to stay home that night) of course I went. How I wish I had and how I would appreciate it if I could be sitting at a packed middle school choir tonight!!