Monday, March 2, 2020

Monday Notes

We are back to normal-ish around here with everyone on the road to recovery.  The last few days I have been catching up on cleaning, laundry, and basic grocery shopping.  I have been to the store almost daily because I keep forgetting stuff that I thought I had on hand.  Next week should definitely be better.

If you recall, about 10 days ago I had to take our bulldog in to get treated for her runny nose.  The vet gave her antibiotics.  When I was down and out for the week following her visit, she did not get her pills in a timely manner if it all and the infection went into her eye.  I had to take her back to the vet to have her eye looked at and she did end up having pink eye.  So now she is on antibiotic eye drops and pills for her stuff.  

We are enjoying winter-like weather, temps in the ’50s with blue sky and super low humidity.  The house is open and I am slowly getting stuff done in the kitchen.  Eggs have been steamed for the hubs lunches next week. There were a few items to pitch in the fridge due to lack of use.  Old lettuce and now furry strawberries.  

I am working on pulling the tax info together so I can make an appt to get that done this month.  It is a chore that overwhelms me.  One day it will be much simpler when we finally sell my parent’s home.  Tracking the eBay stuff is a bit overwhelming too. 

eBay was super busy when I was sick as a dog two weeks ago.  Big sales mid-week are not the norm, but I guess it is when you are under the weather.  I schlepped myself out of bed, to the she shed to get the items and then managed to get them packed.  My son-in-law toted them to the Post Office.  And now that I am up and around, eBay is slow.  Which is fine, I am still catching up on house stuff. 

Sunday was a full day without a nap.  We made it to Sunday School and church, came home made lunch for everyone and then after the hubs and I went out for a Sunday drive.  We hit up a Starbucks for a coffee (using a gift card) and drove with the windows down and enjoyed the great weather.  It was nice to get back to normal finally.  
When I was ill, I did entertain myself with YouTube.  I watched Coffee with Kate and Prepper Princess.     Both are very different but interesting in their own ways.  


  1. Being ill just fouls up all plans and schedules! Glad you are better.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I am looking forward to getting back to normal.