Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Transfer Tuesday and Paying Down Debt

Hello Tuesday!  This is the day that we make an extra effort to pay down our debt.  Every Tuesday we apply extra cash (whether it be BIG or small) to our outstanding debt.  This helps keeps us aware of and accountable for our debt. And it all makes a difference.

Previous balance $80,470.00

*Last week I sent in a $2000.00 payment and listed my new balance at $80,065.96.  The payment was not designated for the principal only, so the payment due was also paid.  Confused?  So close to breaking into the $70,000's!

Today we are sending in the regular payment of $385.00 amount and applying it to the principal.
And since I can't stand the fact that we are still above $80,000 I will be sending in an additional $100 from my eBay PayPal account.  There! That feels better.

  • Payment of $385.00 
  • Payment of $100.00 from eBay PayPal 
New balance $79,985.00


We take our taxes to the tax preparer next week, I am hoping for a refund or at least not to pay.  Then we can apply more to this debt.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ugh, ya didn't tell them to put it all on the principal... Well you made up for that so into teh $70Ks,, yay!

    1. I know!! Still a ways to go, but we will get there.