Sunday, April 26, 2020

Keeping Busy This Weekend

Yesterday was a busy day around here. I started with a list typed out on my phone and managed to get almost all of them done.  The morning started with prepping hard-boiled eggs in the rice cooker.  And then on a whim, I decided to try to use the rice cooker for its actual purpose, cooking rice.  I had jasmine rice on hand and it turned out to be pretty good.  Who knew??

Last week I purchased some seeds from Etsy.  The seed included Pigeon Peas, Cranberry Hibiscus,
and Everglade Tomatoes. I also ordered cuttings of Cuban Oregano and Longevity Spinach.  Yesterday I used egg cartons to plant the seeds to get them going.  

I was fascinated with the Everglade Tomatoes, they are a fast-growing, heat-tolerant plant that grows prolifically. The tomatoes that they produce are about the size of a quarter.  They are supposed to be quite tasty as well.  

The Cranberry Hibiscus produces edible leaves and flowers. The leaves and flowers are light pink in color.   I have not grown a hibiscus plant from seed, so this will be interesting.  Will I make Hibiscus tea with the flowers when the plant matures?  I may try it.  I am looking forward to seeing the pink flowers. 

The cuttings of Oregano and Longevity Spinach were transferred to our container garden.  My granddaughter and I have several Home Depot buckets for plants and flowers.  Two weeks ago she and I planted Sunflower seeds, Watermelon seeds, and Zinnia Seeds.  They are sprouting and the process of growing from seed to plants is exciting to her.  Truth be told, it is exciting to me too. 

I had wanted to make a batch of Weight Watcher Taco Chicken soup but I did not have any black beans.  They are on the list for our grocery shopping next week and I will try to get it made for next weekend.  

An interesting effect of the pandemic is we are also shopping from my daughter's employer ( a regional hospital).  Since the census is low due to the restrictions on elective surgeries, etc the cafeteria has an oversupply of different items.    They are currently offering Boar's Head deli meats for a reduced price, deli cheese, and container of flour and sugar.  Crazy, right?

Have you checked out the TikTok app?  Oh man, don't do it!  It is a huge time suck!  I know I have wasted several hours watching the entertaining videos.  Some are cute, some will make you cry, some will make you laugh, it is app crack!  

I have a few listings to put up on eBay today, a few items to pack up for tomorrow to take to the post office.  There is always stuff to do around here, its a matter of staying on task and not getting sidetracked.


  1. It seems anyone who feeds groups has food to spare and sell. I never thought about a hospital.

    1. I know, right? I guess they have to keep food and supplies on hand to feed the staff, and any visitors.

  2. The clinic for mentally ill that my sister runs has had food delivered and no clients there to pick it up, so Lil sis has had to take it to local food banks. She was supposed to throw it away and she refused, I don't blame her.

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