Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday and a Small List

Happy Monday!  I have been up since 4:00 AM with shoulder pain.  This pain is not unfamiliar to me
since I have had rotator cuff surgery on my other shoulder 10 years ago.  My other shoulder, the one that is screaming with pain is currently being iced to help with the pain.

I have not yet went to the doctor to get it checked out, waiting for the Covid 19 to settle down and see when things get back to the new normal.  The ice definitely helps with the pain and inflammation.  It is not ice, but a gel ice pack that I used when I had knee replacement surgery a couple of years ago.

On the agenda today is distance learning for the kiddos, that starts at about 9AM.  I happily have several packages to ship from eBay sales this weekend and will try to get those done on before the post office closes today.  Oddly enough, I find packing up items to ship therapeutic.

Things on my list to do today:

  • List eBay items
  • Sweep off the front porch
  • Do a couple loads of laundry
  • Take a power nap

That's about it.  What is on your list of things to do today? 


  1. That shoulder pain sounds awful. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    I have a reasonably full work day, and the kids schools kicked off the first week of "synchronous learning", so I need to help them go through all of the various communications & emails & build their schedules

    1. I admire your ability to both work full time and ensure your kids are doing well with distance learning. It is a challenge for the kids and their parents.
      Thanks for the well wishes regarding my shoulder!

  2. We did a no contact grocery pickup from Walmart. I've been doing laundry since early this morning, and washing up the few dishes we've used today. I'm sorry your shoulder is bothering you. I have rotor cuff issues on both of mine too. I will have to look up the gel ice pack and see if it could help me too.

    1. I have not tried the grocery pick up from Walmart yet. Definitely look into a gel ice pack, I hope you find it will make a diference.

  3. Sounds like arthritis to me, I can get terrible shoulder pain sometimes, can't sleep, have to sleep sitting up at a table. I am sorry you are in pain.

    1. Oh man, Arthritis, YUCK. Eventually I will get it checked out. When the pain gets to be to mmuch, I will sleep in the recliner, it supports my arm better. I am starting to sound like an old person. Meh.

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