Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday Stuff and Another Loaf of Banana Bread

The days run together, don't they?  We pretty much have the schedule during the week.  Get up, maybe walk depending on weather, then get the kiddos down to the house for breakfast and distance learning starts at 9 AM. 

"Homeschool" or distance learning can last between 3 -  4 hours which includes multiple amounts of brain breaks. All of us need a brain break.  All. Of. Us.

After that, I need a nap then about 2 depending on the weather, we get the kids in the pool or get them outside to shoot hoops or play four square. 

This weekend we took a drive to a neighboring town just to get out of the house.  The town is older and more established, I wanted to look at how different yards are being landscaping.

We then ordered lunch from Chipotle, walked in, picked it up and took it home to eat  It has been months since we had Chipotle and it was super delish.

I think we are on our 5th loaf of banana bread.  We are baking a loaf of banana bread at least once a week. 

The hubs works in engineering (HVAC) at the big hospital and they are so slow due to the CV-19.  Floors are blocked off, as you may know, there are no elective surgeries currently and this has led to a huge decline in the number of patients in the hospital.

His department alone had a layoff of 10 employees last week.  Those employees are on redeployment for 5 weeks, they are getting a paycheck as normal but are not working.  After the 5 weeks, they can use PTO to stay in the system, after that, they will have to apply for unemployment.  Meh....

The hubs was not laid off, thankfully!   We are grateful for his job and the benefits that come with it.  Hopefully and with great caution, the state will reopen and things will get back to normal.  I know it will take time, but the soon the better.  How much more can the economy take?

I worked on moving money around all weekend.  We did get out stimulus last week, paid for the brake job on the truck that my hubs did last month and I stashed the rest into our online savings account.

We were 3 paychecks behind in tithes to my husband's church.  He pulls out cash for his tithe, saves it and then uses the cash for major repairs and upkeep on the church.  This weekend he is putting in an AC unit for the church.  He purchases the items needed with the tithe cash, and he installs for no charge.

He uses HIS cashback CC for the purchases and then I add the cashback earned to the HELOC debt.  It's a lot to keep up with, as you may have guessed.  But for now, that's what we are doing.

It is time to get dinner going, we are having grilled chicken, yellow rice and peas.  Easy peasy.