Saturday, April 4, 2020

The New Normal

Sunrise on our morning walk 
The crippling anxiety that had me practically immobilized almost three weeks ago is much better and
is for now under control.  At that time, things were happening so fast that I felt helpless.  With time, I was able to deal with all that is going on, the self quarantining and social distancing, etc.  The last few days have definitely been brighter.

In the last two weeks, ( last week officially) I have been helping my daughter with distance learning and the education of her kiddos.   We have worked on a daily schedule based on what their teachers are providing to maintain a semi-structured learning environment that is both positive and productive.

The 5th grader is pretty independent with his work and we only need to check on him sporadically.  The 1st grader needs more one on one (understandably)  time and honestly, this is draining.  It's not hard but it is draining.  Not complaining, but it is an observation and to compensate after lunch, her mom and I both need a nap lol.   In the afternoon or evening, we will get the kids outside with a walk or swimming in the pool.  This is still a positive of having my daughter and her family live with us, we get the opportunity to be a bigger part of the kiddos growing up.

Wednesday, the kid's school had a teacher parade that followed all the bus stops of the school.  The parade was led by a school bus and followed by over 50 cars that had teachers and staff in them.  We waited for over an hour at their bus stop, maintaining social distancing, visiting with the other parents and just being able to see other people that were as excited as we were was very uplifting.

The teacher parade arrived with horns blasting, cars were decorated, teachers were waving  It was so nice to see the kiddos with their hand made posters waving to their teachers as they passed by. I tell ya, I was more than just a bit choked up.  It was great that the kids were able to see their teachers, but it was so sad as well.  Their old normal was now gone, and their new normal is now in place.

I just wanted to check in and let you know that I worked through most of the anxiety, and at this time all is pretty good.  I watch the news in the AM to catch up on anything and then I turn it off.  Some days it is just too much.   I try to stay focused on the positive and not get overwhelmed. 

Financially speaking, well that is a post for a later date.  Let's just say I was a bit out of control with Amazon Prime.   I was just getting through the days in one piece for the last two weeks.  That alone was my biggest accomplishment.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Thanks to all who left kind remarks on my last post.  It really meant a lot to this hot mess.


  1. Honey, in one way or another we are all a hot mess right now. Give yourself some grace........


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