Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Letting Go of Princess

The last two weeks have been filled with visits to the Veterinarian, Emergency Veterinarians, and Opthomologic Veterinarians. 

My Princess was sick and dying from mast cell cancer.  The cancer metastasized to her nasal cavity, blocking it and pushing her left eye back out of the socket. 

We kept her comfortable as possible as we researched options.  Unfortunately the location of the mass greatly limited any treatment plans for a full recovery. 

We made the decision last Friday to help her across the rainbow bridge.  Our vet came to the house and Princess crossed over pain free and surrounded by love.

The hole she left in our hearts is huge.  I miss her so much. 


  1. So sorry. I understand.

  2. I'm sorry Princess had to leave now.

  3. I am so sorry, this is very hard. I am so happy she was able to pass at home surrounded by love.

  4. Very sorry for this loss.

  5. How heart breaking for you to lose Princess, she looks like a cutie and a faithful friend. Be well.

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