Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday Stuff

It's hot and humid almost every day now, so summer is officially here.  Last week we endured daily deluges of heavy rains due to the tropical system in the gulf that was heading to Lousiana.  The gray days were depressing as heck. 

This week the sun has been out so we are more motivated to get things done.  Yesterday, I mowed the lawn, washed the pool deck and did laundry.  Today I just got back from Target to pick up a few things.  They had toilet paper and disinfecting wipes limit one each.  I automatically pick up toilet paper and wipes if stores have them.  You just never know. 

Late last week I decided to move my retirement accounts from a fee-based financial planner to a fiduciary financial planner.  I have been thinking about this for months.  When I researched the fees that were being charged to my account I discovered that they were hidden and high.  

I have been with this Financial Planner since my mom passed and I had to roll over her IRA into my name as a beneficiary.   I think what sealed the deal for me to move the accounts was when they changed from Mellon to LPL it was a cluster as far as communication about the move and how it was handled.  

Of course, time will tell if the move was the right move.  Maybe the extra fees were worth it?  We will see. 

Ortho Doc's office wall 
After a visit with the Ortho doctor, he ordered an MRI which is scheduled for June 26.  He suspects torn rotator cuff but who knows?  It sure hurts.  I am still taking Advil, using the ice pack, and the TENS unit.  All of which provide some relief. 

The hubs is supposed to get his cataracts done this month.  I say supposed to as he is experiencing some scheduling and communication difficulties. The surgery center needs the physical from his primary which according to him they have faxed multiple times.  The surgery center did not have it as of yesterday afternoon.  

The hospital pharmacy called him and said we don't have your eye drops available for surgery. Oh man.... the hubs was getting hot now.  Then to top it off, the hubs had to fill out an online health survey questionnaire  for the surgery center. You know, the hubs is not one for technology.  This pretty much sent him over the edge.  He tried to log on but may have misspelled a few things.  He came home yesterday flustered and frustrated.  He was HOT!! 

 This is not something he usually does, but then he has never had a surgery before.  He never asked for assistance so I am letting him experience the joys of navigating our wonder healthcare system.  

We did navigate the online questionnaire last night.  The rest of the stuff he will have to take care of today.  

 Monday is his first one and two weeks later will be his second one.  This is what I don't get.  We are on the hook for $1500 per eye as it is robotic surgery and from what his doc says the manufacturer of said robot gets a $1500 fee every time it is used.  For the LOVE OF PETE! 

This will dramatically affect our savings, to say the least. 

I had my 6-month dentist appointment this week, and that was good.  I still need to call and get in for a colonoscopy.  Now, those are super fun.  

For dinner, I am using the crockpot.  We are having Crock Pot Ravioli/Lasagne. I had some frozen sauce which I defrosted, frozen ravioli, and mozzarella cheese.  I warm up the sauce and then layer the sauce, frozen ravioli, and mozzarella cheese into the crockpot.  It takes about 4 hours on high or 6 hours on medium.   We use the Reynolds crock-pot liners so clean up is a breeze.  Add in a loaf of sliced Cuban bread and a salad and dinner is done. 



  1. We just had to pay $324.00 out of pocket for hubs eyes and he has two insurance policies.

    1. We have insurance but this is not covered. So frustrating but if he gets good results than its fine.

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  2. I have issues with my rotor cuff too. It's from years of overuse I know. Your CrockPot Ravioli Lasagne looks so good. I need to add that to my list of meals to make soon. :)

    1. Hi Belinda,Rotator Cuff pain is no joke. I hope you enjoy the CrockPot Ravioli, it's so easy!

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