Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It Is HOT Here

It is soooo Hot here that staying inside seems like the best and only option. The heat index has been in the 100's and there is little if any rain to break up the hot days.  I guess I am getting to an age where I cannot take this heat.

Last Friday I had the MRI of my right shoulder.  The appointment went well except for the pain of the actual test.  The positioning of me, my shoulder and the device clamped to my right shoulder and then shoved into the MRI tube made for a painful experience.  I had to request we stop to reposition once and that helped only a little bit.  After the exam which was only 20 minutes, I immediately left the MRI room and went into the patient bathroom and threw up from the pain.  Follow up with the Ortho Doc is this Thursday. 

Yesterday, I took the hubs to his cataract surgery on his second eye.  We were up at 3:30 AM so we could get ready and leave here by 5:00 AM for his 6:00 appointment.  Same as the first time, they let him in the facility but I had to wait outside in the car for 2 hours.  Luckily it was early and only moderately hot outside.  Now that both of his eyes are done, we can move on to scheduling both of our colonoscopies. This is the year of getting medical procedures done, I guess.

Today we go back to the eye doc for a follow-up check on hubs eye.  After that, I will clean what I can around the house.  The shoulder pain is limiting what I can do and what I want to do.  Mostly just the basics are getting attended to. I take breaks to rest and ice my shoulder. 

This weekend, I picked up a carload of vintage Noritake china from a friend for free.  Her mom was a dealer in Noritake and after her mom's death, they had to close out her estate, sell her home which also had a  separate building FULL of Noritake china. My friend loaded all she could and took it to her house, ( her son said they left at least 20,000 pieces behind) and sell it for a $1.00 apiece.

Well, that was last year, and this year she gave me what was leftover for free.  I managed to list about 50 pieces this weekend with probably 100 more pieces to list sitting in my garage. 

 Cue the theme to Sandford and Son.

Going back to bed  before I HAVE to get up and take the hubs to town for his eye re-check.  Have a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. It's hot here but not that hot. Of course next summer in Texas, man. I have my first out of the house appointment for anything on the 7th with a new doctor so I can get an AIC, and they didnt say anything about waiting in the car until they called me but we will have to see, as we are still going up here albeit much more closly than those crazy places.

    1. Hopefully your weather will cool off by the 7th. And Texas, yeah that's gonna be warm next year. Maybe it's a dry heat ;-)

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  2. The adjusting of body parts for the MRI is very painful to me. Of course, after they had my arm up high for so long, I could not move my shoulder to get my arm back down. I forgot what you did to hurt your shoulder. ???

    1. There was no injury that I know of to my shoulder. Maybe it is old age. More details on Thursday!

  3. Shoulder pain is bad. I had both shoulders frozen for about 8 months with my arthritis. I am sorry you are going through this. I love the heat.

    1. You love the heat?? Girl, you need to try it out for a few days. This is hot stuff here!! Thanks for the kinds words Kim!

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