Thursday, May 13, 2021

Gas Shortage of 2021 Quick Trip to Disney Hello Wednesday

We went to Disney (Magic Kingdom) early this morning. Our pass is blocked beginning June 1 st, so we are getting a couple of more visits in before May is over. It is hot, but we beat the heat by going early. The weekday pass has a fee of $315 per year. We try to go at least twice a month if not more to make sure we get our money's worth from the pass.

 Since the trams are not yet running we have been paying for preferred parking. It costs $20 a pop, but when you have to walk a country mile to get to your car after a day at the park, it is worth every penny to be able to park upfront.  It may seem like an extravagance to some, but it is fun quality time with family for us.

The afternoon was filled with grandkids and pool time. The neighbors came over and a good time was had by all. After the grandkids and neighbors left, I packed up 3 eBay orders and did not get a chance to list any more items.  I was worn out.  Luckily, I did fill up my tank yesterday. It is mayhem out there at the gas stations.

 Florida is not directly affected by the nonsense of the major pipeline (Colonial Pipeline) that was hacked by the Malware. Florida gets its gas from offshore tankers. But you can't tell anyone here that. They are all in line with their gas cans stocking up on gas like it was toilet paper. Ridiculous.


  1. We have no shortages here just high prices. I really dislike theme parks, but I am happy you had a nice time.

    1. The older I get the more I like Disney. Never thought I would ever say that!
      Don't even ask how many Mickey Mouse ears I have, because that's embarrasing too!haha!

  2. Our prices are about the same as they have been-though I noticed one had hike d it up $ 0.05, so imagine the others will too. I hope they go back down soon as my daughter will have a commuting job for 10 weeks and doesn't need to eat up her earnings in the gas tank.

    1. The Colonial pipeline is up and running now and we did not see any long gas lines on the local news. Yes, the gas prices are out of control and hopefully they will go back down.

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