Friday, May 14, 2021

Thursday Stuff

 Pretty much a normal day.  After a mile walk around the neighborhood with Cricket, I packed up 5 eBay orders to take to the post office.  Typically I put all my eBay orders into a big blue Ikea bag and put them in the car.  

I guess yesterday was not typical, because when I got to the post office and opened the back hatch, my big blue Ikea bag was not there. Yep, I had to go back and get the big blue bag and make another trip to the post office. :-)

The rest of the day was eBay related.  I researched and listed 10 items, straightened up the shed that holds a majority of my inventory and went through some unlisted items, and decided to re-donate them to the thrift store. 

After dinner, we went to Orlando to a viewing of a close friend from church.  She lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer on Sunday.  She had the best sense of humor and my husband and I will miss her dearly.  Her husband of 43 years had multiple family members with him at the viewing and it was really nice to see all the support they both had during the last few months. 

We are experiencing a cool snap in the weather. The temps today and in the evening were in the 70's and overcast. It should stay like that all weekend, which will be nice.  I am putting together a list of potential Estate Sales to hit up this weekend.  I usually go on the last day when things are 50%  (or more ) off.  I think I like looking at the homes more than actually looking for items to flip.  Some of the homes are absolutely stunning. 

Hope you had a wonderful Thursday!

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