Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Notes and A Bit of Monday

Monday was unremarkable.  The hubs was off and we were both going  to go to the gym,but after checking my planner, I discovered I had a haircut appt that was not going to allow me to go to the gym.  Which was okay with me.

I did stop by Aldi's to pick up a few things. The shelves are still somewhat bare and produce was almost zilch.  Hopefully, it will get more back to normal next week.    We spent about $50 on the items we did pick up. 

We took several extra large dog crates and 10 cat traps to a friends house for storage.  That was about a 45 minute ride.   Then we stopped at Gators and had dinner.  I had a salad and hubs had a sub.  I was seriously craving a salad and Aldi's had no lettuce at all. 

We are half way through Tuesday. This morning, I made 2 dozen hard boiled eggs for lunches and snacks.  Ran three loads of laundry, and liquid edged our property.  After that, I fed our "barn cats" the professor and Maryanne, fed my foster cats, and made appointments for my dogs to get groomed tomorrow. 
Two of my foster cats 

We have a  couple of huge piles of limbs from the Hurricane, and I attempted to start a bon fire with one of them.  The fire lasted about an hour.   We will try again tonight. I smell like smoke now.  
Lunch was 3 boiled eggs with Dukes Mayo and some bacon.  I am trying to go back to a Keto way of eating.  When I keep it keto, I definitely feel better and my clothes fit better. 

Still trying to figure out what is for dinner, its between pork chops or grilled chicken breasts.  Probably pork chops.  The rest of the day will be working on LEASH stuff, returning phone calls, etc.    Time to get busy!   Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Catching Up From The Week

Catching up from the week.  Friday, I went to the animal shelter to meet with the director.  We had a lunch meeting, planning for upcoming events and re-hashing how Hurricanne Irma impacted the shelter, the shelter staff and our volunteers. Afterwards, I selected two spayed cats to take to PetSupermarket for our adoption center.  We facilitate adoptions for shelter cats at several stores in the local area.  Luckily, both cats found a home by Saturday.

Petunia found her home

Beatrice found her home too!

After dropping off the cats at PetSupermarket, I met my husband for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  We had our favorite, Pizza and Beer. After dinner, it was still early enough for me to get the lawn mowed.  I find yard work very relaxing. 

Saturday was another day spent at the animal shelter.  Typically, Saturdays are extremely busy at the shelter.  We have volunteers that enjoy walking the dogs, and some who will do the laundry, (me), others will assist with adoption counseling, and then the cat people will help out in the cat room. 

Before I left for the shelter, I put together a crock pot of sloppy joes for dinner.  This recipe was excellent.  We had the sloppy joes on toasted buns, with tater tots.   

Sunday, more time at the animal shelter. Surprise, more time at the shelter.  I primarily helped in the cat room today.  The traffic at the shelter was exceptionally high.  The day before, a family brought in 21 Chihuahuas that they said wandered into their yard.  Um..... yeah right.  Regardless, the dogs were all adopted today.  They do have to wait to go home so they can have surgery and rabies shots.   

We ate out again tonight.  Take out pizza.  We were both whipped, and took the easy way out.  

The rest of the evening was spent on more LEASH stuff.  Making tags for the kennels, planning an adoption even in October for the shelter.  Not too much else to share. Have a good evening!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Crock Pot Chili and Other Stuff

I was feeling very domestic yesterday.  Yesterday morning, I pulled out the crock pot and threw in the ingredients for chili. It cooked and simmered most of the day.  The meal was completed with rice and cornbread.  
most of the ingredients for chili
Can't forget the spices.

My daughter and her family joined us for dinner, and the grandkiddos spent the night.  It was nice to get back to normal since the last few days have been all about Hurricane Irma.  

The kids are out of school the rest of the week, as some of the schools in the county are still in need of repair post hurricane.  I may just take them to the park today before it gets too hot.  Right now, we are hanging out watching Sponge Bob.

Yesterday, I was also investigating a no interest credit card to transfer a large balance to.  We or I have a credit card with a balance that is quite large.  How does that happen?  Well, post surgery depression maybe?  It is only very recently that I could even look at the balance. 

The problem with a balance transfer is the danger and possibility of charging again. The hubs is a bit free with the credit card, and likes to shop and spend.  I guess he feels a sense of entitlement, live for today, you can't take it with you attitude.  Some days, I may be like that too. It's a problem, to be sure. One, we will never agree on.

Today's agenda:  
Plan dinner, probably grilled chicken. 
Continue to investigate balance transfer of credit card
Take the kids to park or indoor jump house
Clean and organize non profit storage area in garage. 
Burn limbs after kiddos go home.

M-Turk accepted me.  I will try to figure out how that works and keep you posted.  Here is the definition of Mechanical Turk via WikiPedia

The name Mechanical Turk comes from "The Turk", a chess-playing automaton of the 18th century, which was made by Wolfgang von Kempelen. It toured Europe, beating both Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin. It was later revealed that this "machine" was not an automaton at all, but was in fact a human chess master hidden in the cabinet beneath the board and controlling the movements of a humanoid dummy. Likewise, the Mechanical Turk web service allows humans to help the machines of today perform tasks for which they are not suited.

Time to get busy!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday: Cleaning up after Irma

We spent today cutting up fallen branches and limbs left behind by Hurricane Irma.  I don't think I realized how much there was to cut and move, until we actually had to move the cut branches to the curb. The pile of limbs is extensive.  The county has contracted with companies to pass through  neighborhoods and pick up the yard waste/ limbs. Next, we will have to get out there and pick up all the tiny pieces that the mower won't be able to handle.

Below is a video of the very beginning of Hurricane Irma.  Yep. This is why we had to pick up and tote branches to the road today.

The animal shelter has been closed to the public since Hurricane Irma was here.  Our volunteers are allowed to go tomorrow and get the dogs out of the kennel and let them get some much needed exercise and fresh air.  We are fortunate to have volunteers available to walk the dogs during week as most of our volunteers are working.  The shelter has about 80 dogs, so it will be a long day.

One of our fantastic volunteers!

On the plus side,   I did manage to cook dinner two days in a row.  Yep, that is kinda a big deal around here.  I have been struggling with not always eating out.  It's a long story and probably easier to say it is more of a mental thing. Anyway, small victories are a good thing.

Monday: Grilled cheese and soup
Tuesday:  French Toast and bacon
Wednesday:  I am hopeful

Yes,I do know that eating in saves bunches of money.  Its been a work in progress.

some of what you can win snagged from Sluggy's blog

Sluggy is having another great giveaway!  Click here and head over and enter. I am in it for the chocolate....and maybe the nail polish.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Good Riddance Hurricane Irma

~We are near Clermont~

The eye of Hurricane Irma passed over our home from 12:30 AM to 4:00 AM.  It came with winds that reached 90 miles an hour but those were intermittent. The winds were LOUD and unrelenting.

We managed to get to sleep about 4:30AM until about 7:00, when the sun came out.  Then we could get outside and assess the damage left behind.  Luckily, we were very, very fortunate. We did not lose power, and we have branches down on the ground but our house did not incur any damage.  The sun is out this afternoon, and the wind is still blowing.

Our county is on a curfew until 6:00PM today.  We pretty much have enough to do here at home before we venture out.  Did I mention we are so blessed to still have power?  The news is reporting that 7 million homes are without power in Florida.

This list is from way back.  I have added a current weekly list to help keep me organized.
It sometimes surprises me what I forget to actually do and even more surprising what I do remember to do.

Weekly List
1.  Follow through with financial planner investigation. Shopped around, and we are okay.  
2. Menu for week, keto meals. Uh... maybe after the hurricane. 
3. Sign us up at the gym.DONE
4. Refill Pain Meds.  Nope, don't need them anymore
5. Back hedges.     HALF ARE DONE
6. Investigate rewards CC's. Uh.... nope
7.  Get steps in on a daily basis.   Done
8.  Check out flights for Wisconsin family reunion in August.  Did not go. Too expensive

Weekly List
1.  Plan a decent menu for the week.  Maybe Keto, but at least healthier. 
2.  Work on webpage for non-profit.
3.  Push volunteer apps to the volunteer coordinator.
4.  Get steps in, at least 8,000 to 10,000 a day.
5.  Start looking at credit card bill.  Yeah, its been a problem.
6.  Look for dining room light.  
7.  Throw away 10 unnecessary items this week.
8.  Work on removing the other half of the hedges. 
9.  Take dogs to groomer.

Dinner for tonight will be left over spaghetti casserole.  Easy to reheat. I hoping that things get back to normal for everyone here tomorrow.  Curfew is still on until 6 PM tonight.  Other counties along the coast have had their curfews extended until 7AM tomorrow.

 Have you ever experienced a hurricane?   Did you have a generator as backup for power loss?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hello Hurricane Irma

We are located in Central Florida and we await the arrival or passing by of Hurricane Irma.  We should feel the effects of increased wind and rain later on this evening and through the night.  Prepping has been done, so now we wait and listen for tornado warnings.

Fun times, indeed.    Beyond that, life has been exceptionally busy.  I resigned from my school position as a aide in a Autism Spectrum Disorder class and I am retired but working for free for LEASH, a non-profit that two friends and I started three years ago.   The activities and fundraising for our organization are on going.  It is only because of the hurricane that I am stuck here at home and not at the shelter.  Well, that and I am short on gas and was not able to find any the last couple of days.

Retirement planning, I don't claim to be ready for retirement at all.  Winging it is what I usually do, probably not the best thing to do when it comes to retirement.  Still a lot to figure out. Obviously.   Luckily, we have a retirement fund in place and two paid off properties.  That does help.

One day at a time, that is how we take it.  Today, it is about Irma. We hope she keeps moving west, away from Central Florida.