Saturday, March 31, 2018

Final Numbers for March 2018

 This is my first month of tracking our eating out and grocery shopping expenses in a LONG time.

It is a learning experience that continues to need tweaking so I don't become overwhelmed with the numbers and keeping up with receipts, etc.  In the past, my receipts would have stayed in the bag and gone out with the recyclables.

Now, I collect them in a clip on the fridge.  Before they get hung up on the fridge, I scan them into Fetch Rewards.  You scan your receipts, earn points and receive rewards that you can convert into gift cards.

 I just started using the app a couple of weeks ago and have earned 11,000 points.  So far, I redeemed $3 on an Amazon gift card, they also offer Wal-Mart giftcards, Kohls, CVS and Target.   Of course, I would like to earn more!   If you use my referral code, we both will receive 2000  points. 

In the future, I may start redeeming them for Target gift cards.  I seem to spend more time there lately. 

What is one more app on your phone, right??

According to my reciepts and Personal Capital tracking, we have spent $511 in groceries for the month of March.  Uh...that includes groceries, alcohol,( $60ish) vitamins and supplements( $60) and HBA ( $20is)   When you subtract the booze, vitamins, dog and cat food,  and HBA,  actual groceries come to about $371.

Our eating out is $200 for March.  Last month (February) it was $317  Ouch.  In January, we spent $354.  Double Ouch.

I am still figuring out the Ibotta app, and use it to save more $$ at the stores.  I have not used coupons  or money saving apps in a while, kinda been shopping at will, don't cha know!  Still taking it one step at a time and avoid becoming overwhelmed with it.

We found these Cuban rolls at BJ's last week and they are my husband's new favorite bread/roll.  A bag has 12 sandwich size rolls and a bag will last him all week.  Went back this Friday and picked up another bag.  Nature's Own bread I bought at BJ's is still in the freezer from the original trip. 

April is a new month, and here is to continuing to improve on saving money!

Do you use apps to increase your grocery savings?  Which is your favorite?

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