Monday, April 25, 2022

Weekend with the Grands

The weekend was busy, we had the grandkiddos and they spent the night Saturday night.  When they

Cricket surveying her yard. 

come over, we had a plan in place.  We need a plan, things to do for them so they don't sit around and flounder and get bored. 

Target was our first stop, the kids had a budget of $25 each to spend.  We ended up spending about $30 dollars each. It could have been much worse because we tend to give in pretty easily.  The next stop was a comic book store.  I have never been to a comic book store and it was an experience to be sure.  If you watched The Big Bang, well, then you pretty much know. 

 Lots of comic books, interesting sci-fi decor, and a variety of customers similar to the clientele on Big Bang.  We did spend about $30 for everyone to get what they wanted.  Next was dinner.  We ended up at the drive-through at Wendy's.  We tried to go into the dining room, but that was locked. It was a drive-through only.  Ordering for 4 people with different wants at a drive-through is quite an experience.  For the most part, we all got what we wanted. 

Afterward, we headed home and watched the kids play out back with their new Nerf guns.  The weather was perfect, cool with a nice breeze.  We did play games when we came in, the kids got their baths, had a snack, and eventually fell asleep around 10:30.

Sunday, the kids and I went to church and Sunday School, and afterward, I dropped them off at their house and I came home and took a two-hour nap. Dinner was take-out pizza.  We were wiped out lol.

This week we are both home, hubs is off for a week and a half.  Lots of things to get done around here, the list is growing and never ending. Tomorrow, the plumbers are coming to re-pipe the house.  A necessary evil so we can get a better home insurance policy. Honestly, I am not even sure what the policy will cost us, I can only get through one huge event at a time. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Another Milestone In The Books

 Two weeks ago I submitted my last bit of paperwork to the Florida State Retirement System to initiate
my monthly payments.  Now, my retirement is a mere pittance, as my time as an employee in the school system was MANY years ago when I was making maybe $6.00 an hour.  I know, BIG money.  It may buy a tank or two of gas for our truck. 

The day-to-day around here does not vary too much.  I get up early, check eBay orders and eBay email, and pack up orders if there are any.  Spot clean and pick up around the house, run errands, and maybe hit up a thrift store. I did renew my eBay store subscription for another year, and I think this will be my last year selling online.  My store will be having lots of sales to reduce inventory. 

I have been purging and getting rid of stuff daily.  It may be little things or a couple of big things.  The goal is to move or rehome 5 items a day.  This week I am going through old photo books that my mom had.  They are mostly photos of hers while she was a young woman transitioning from living and growing up on a farm to her life in the service. 

With the purge, I have been going through my mom's jewelry.  My dad bought her necklaces and bracelets that she never wore. She was not a big fan of jewelry, she only wore a watch, not even her wedding rings. I distributed a few pieces to my kids, well the ones that wanted any of the pieces. The rest I will sell.  In fact, I already sold her 10k gold class ring at a local pawn shop.  It was my first time in a pawn shop and I was nervous.  But the transaction went fine and I will be going back. 

I posted of few of the pics on her hometown Facebook page to see if any family members of the people in the pics wanted the pics.  A few did and I mailed those out.  The rest of the album is going to the town library, they reached out and asked for it.  They will use it to document the history of the people and of the village. The town or village she grew up in has consistently had a population of around 600 -700 (maybe a bit less today) but the residents are passionate about their history. 

Today's agenda:  

Pack up a couple of eBay orders

Purge a few items   Taking to Thrift store Monday. They are not accepting donations today.

Vacuum and Mop kitchen floor

Run to the post office. 

That's enough for now lol

Hope your day is awesome!