Sunday, September 30, 2018

October Goals 2018

Monthly goals are hit or miss for me.  I have good intentions at the beginning of the month then things sometimes go south.  My last Monthly goal post was in April! How's that for consistency? 

Oh well, I still want to keep trying to do better and keep things on track. 

  • Keep dining out to $150 
  • Keep grocery shopping under $600  Fingers crossed! 
  • Come up with one way to reduce what we need/spend on an ongoing basis 
  • Come up with a side hustle, maybe look at eBay again? Eh, maybe not. 
  • Continue to seek part-time employment  Accomplished in August.  Working full time in a local school. 
  • Rebuild  short-term savings account to $1000


  • Weekly dinner with grandkids, daughter, and son in law 
  • Have two date nights with my mister 
  • Visit the oldest son, and take him lasagne 
  • Chat middle son weekly 
  • Participate/assist with getting grandkids to weekly activities. 


  • Walk at least 45 continuous minutes a day.  Get in 10,000 daily steps total.   It is still in the 90's, hoping Fall will bring cooler weather.       
  • Lose 8 pounds  
  • Strength training at gym 2-3 times a week 

  • Continue to seek part-time employment   Accomplished in August.  Working full time in a local school. 

  • Make two new recipes 
  • Spend time with a friend (time to use that Disney Pass)
  • Take depression glass to a consignment shop
  • Continue to research paternal side of the family 
  • Daily reading of Jesus Calling and bible study 
  • Find a hobby that explores the creative side but does not break the bank :-)
  • Read at least one new book a month. 

Time to get busy with these goals.

 I straight up " borrowed" this format from The Hawaii Plan.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday This and That

 Happy Friday!  End of the week is here,  five weeks of school are in the books with 31 more weeks of school remaining.  Not that I am
tracking the time or anything...

Work is going well, the daily routine is becoming more comfortable, the students are becoming more familiar with me and all is good.  I am thrilled with my 6 hr a day schedule, it is just enough.

So far this week, except for Monday when the water line to the house was cut, we have eaten all meals at home and have packed our lunches for work.

Tuesday morning, I  did a quick search on the internet for a crockpot meal that contained cabbage and sausage. This particular recipe from Salt and Lavender is one I used as a guideline to put it all together.

I used what I had in the pantry with regards to tomatoes, added canned beans at the last hour instead of dry beans, all in all it turned out pretty good.   Leftovers provided another meal as well.

 Gym days were only Monday and Tuesday.  I was just too tired to make it the rest of the week.  With work and after work activities, I have been able to get most of all my steps in.  

In our effort to update our home with both necessary improvements and bucket list improvements (pool) we are adding a whole house gas powered generator.   Yep, more stuff to buy and pay off.   But, a whole house generator is almost a necessity when you live in a state that is routinely affected by hurricanes. 

The gas company was here yesterday installing the gas line from the street to the house.   We pulled a permit from the county and now we have to narrow down the choices for the appropriate generator.  

 The insurance company for the rental house is sending an inspector for the roof to see if we can qualify for a new roof due to hail damage.  Fingers crossed.  We are hoping to upgrade the windows, after a new roof and then remove carpet and buff out the terrazzo floors that original to the home.

Then.... we can put the house on the market and sell it.  I am ready to move on. The house has been a part of my life since I was 10.  The proceeds will go towards our retirement and paying off improvements to our current home.  

Stopped by Publix on Wednesday, I had to pick up items for lunches, and managed to spend $100.  I picked up other items too, but with what we have on hand I should have enough for the next several days.  I also scanned my receipt on my Fetch app and picked up several hundred points.  I am now at 10,000 points again.  I use my points for  Target gift cards, there are other options for gift cards, but Target is  my favorite for now.  If you would like to get started with Fetch. its easy  You just scan your shopping  receipt and  receive points . Fetch Rewards  WX8BV is my referral code!  You get points and so do I!

What is your go to app to save money grocery shopping?   

Monday, September 10, 2018

Made It to the Gym This Morning

The Citrus Tower with stormy clouds rolling in tonight.
Yes, I was up at 4:00 this morning and on my way to the gym by 4:30.  It was surprisingly crowded at that time in the morning.  Who knew?  I stayed for an hour and then headed back home to get ready for work.  I am planning to again tomorrow.  I am hoping the added physical exercise will make me tired enough so I can sleep better at night.

We had a significant hail storm in August of this year.  It did a number on our rental home located about 40 minutes from us.  The area is still recovering from Hurricane Irma and finding a reliable roofing company is not that easy.

I have been in contact with a second roofing company since the first company I contacted has not responded.  The deductible is $500.  I will be calling again tomorrow!  I really need to get the ball rolling and get that roof fixed and or replaced.

We lost this beautiful tree due to Hurricane Irma

We ate at Chick-fil-a tonight.  The plumbers that plumbed in the pool this afternoon cut our main water line.  They left and didn't tell the office, our sales rep, or us.  They just turned the water off and left.  I called the office, the sales rep and sent emails.   It came down to my husband coming home from work and fixing it himself.  If we had to wait for the company or a plumber, we would not have water all night.  It was annoying, inconvenient, and three hours later we now have running water again.

Accidents happen, but at least fix it!

Tree was removed due to safety issues 

The tropics are with named hurricanes and potential hurricanes. Florence is making her way to the Carolinas as a category 4,  I hope it weakens as it approaches.   It was this time last year that we were enduring Hurricane Irma as she passed through.  I set up my safe room in our walk-in closet.  Blow up mattress, blankets, flashlights, charged up  cellphone, and snacks.

I am hoping we don't have to prep like that again. It can be unnerving because the storms are so unpredictable.

How is the weather where you are?  Are you dealing with unpredictable weather as well?

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Woke Up Dizzy

Woke up dizzy this AM, like wobble down the hall dizzy.  Maybe it's my sinuses, the weather, or I don't know what.  Anyway, I am taking it easy this morning until it passes.

Four weeks into the new job and things, for the most part, are falling into place.  I can successfully navigate my schedule, which involves going into several classes daily to assist the kids I am working with.  The classes are the same, but the daily times are different.  It should stick sooner or later

Last week was busy with work, activities with the grandkids and a visit to Hollywood Studios.  The grandson participates in Boy Scouts (meeting on Tuesday evenings), and YMCA basketball, (practice on Thursday evening and game on Saturday) and the granddaughter will start ballet/tap on Tuesday afternoons. 

Their mom works as a Nurse Practioner, 7 nights on from 7PM to 7AM and then she has 7 nights off.  My husband and I step in on the weeks she is working to help with getting the kids to their activities.  We really are blessed to be a part of their lives.

My husband helped with chores last night.  He did the shopping and cleaned the kitchen.  I did laundry, vacuumed /mopped the whole house and changed the kitty litter.  It is so much better when he steps up and contributes.  Only took about 40 years.... lol

Today, I had planned to make it to church, probably not going to happen and then we were going to Epoct for a couple hours.  That still may or may not happen.    Still waiting on the dizziness toget better.

Have a great Sunday!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to you and yours.  I am enjoying this three day weekend finishing up chores around the house, laundry, yard work, wash the dogs and getting ready for a new work week. 

We have completed three weeks of the school year, with 33 more weeks to go, but who is counting? :-)    I am finding my groove so to speak at work, the teachers I work with are also better utilizing me for the benefit of the students.  I do enjoy my job, and as the school year progresses, I think I will like it more and more.

But, that does not mean I am not looking for another job.  I have 10 years in the state retirement system, and I would like to increase my retirement income from the state.  To do that, I would need to seek employment in a higher paying position for at least 3 years.  The FRS. Florida State Retirement bases your retirement pay on your 3 highest years salary.  As a teacher assistant, my pay is not that significant.   Retirement is always in the back of my mind, isn't it?

The oldest son (39)  is changing jobs.  He called me Friday to let me know.  Reading between the lines, he was terminated from his position because he would not sign a paper regarding a dispute.  I know he has been struggling (mentally and emotionally) at work and in his personal life.  Well, he has been struggling a lot lately in general.  He will not go back to his doctor ( whom he says knows nothing) and get back on his anxiety meds.  When he did take the meds a couple of years ago, he was in good spirits, happy and able to deal with life.  Now that he is off the meds, he struggles and is defiant when it is suggested that he go back on them. 

As a mom, I hate to see him unhappy and struggling with his demons.  It weighs on me and I want to help....but I know that helping financially (which I am kinda already doing with letting him live in my parent's house at cost) is only enabling him.  When I sell the house, and he has to move, I wonder where he will go and if we will see or hear from him.  We probably will here and there, but he is the type to chose his friends as his "family" instead of his real family to hang out with.  That has been the case since he was a young boy.  Why would I think it would change now, I don't know.

When he is in these moods, he will always say, " This is just the cards I was dealt, and I will have to deal with it."  Ah... no, J..... It's the choices YOU made that put you in this place.  It is difficult for the whole family, we all want to spend time with him but it is not his choice. 

When do you say enough is enough?  Or, When do I say when enough is enough?

Enjoy your Holiday!