Saturday, March 14, 2020

Frugal Friday

Saturday    Well, it was not a frugal day but it was a fruitful day.  There was no grocery shopping today, but there was some fun shopping.  I ran to Dollar Tree and picked up some St. Patrick's Day paraphernalia for the kiddos.  Fun hats, light up necklaces, etc.    Since the kiddos will be out of school for at least two weeks, (one is Spring Break and one is because of the virus)  I picked up a couple of fun academic activity books to keep them busy, at least for a little while. 

I also went to GoodWill to thrift items for my eBay store.  The GoodWill store was empty, typically Saturdays are extremely busy. The shelves were full and getting in and out was a piece of cake.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Frugal Friday and Link Love

It's not often that I keep up track of how frugal I have been on a weekly basis.  But as a reference for me, later on, I am going to try to do better.  Do you find that keeping track of your frugalness helps you?

Monday: My husband saved $2.72 on gas using GetUpside  I didn't go to the store so that was savings in itself!

Tuesday:  I saved $ at CVS on Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and Hand Soap with my CVS card.  I didn't have any extra coupons or Reward Bucks.  My receipt after the transaction was full of a bunch of offers!  Fetch  (my referral code WX8BV ) gave me 1578 points on this purchase too!  If you have the app, you know how exciting it is when all the confetti is blowing up your screen lol!

 Hit up Publix to get more BOGO PowerAde for the hubs lunch and frozen BOGO ravioli.

I also saved $1.69 on gas using GetUpside when I filled up.

Wednesday     We purchased a new mattress from Tuft and Needles and we also purchased two new pillows.  We like the mattress but the pillows are not our favorite.  Well I like the mattress, the hubs is still on the fence about it.  I emailed the company to return the pillows and they quickly responded and sent me a return label.  That will put $86.00 back in my pocket.

When I bought the new mattress, I also found a nice comforter set on clearance at Belk online.  Well, we hate it.  I contacted Belk online and they are sending a return label for the comforter set.  The old comforter set is back on the bed.  Another $87.00 back in our pocket.

Thursday  This was NOT a frugal day.  After dropping off all the returns at FedEx, I immediately participated in a round of panic shopping. I am kinda glad I did. 

Friday    I had to take my vehicle back to the dealership to have a look at the brakes that they worked on in January of this year.  They are pulsating when pressure is applied.  This is related to the front brakes as they "turned" them and replaced the pads.  The service rep said they will have a look at them and so far it will be no charge to resurface them if that is the problem.  Will update later if that changes.

Link Love for this week!  I am pretty sure you read these blogs too, but just in case you don't, stop on by and check them out.

What are you all doing to stay sane during this Corona Virus event?  Streaming?  Suggestions welcome.