Saturday, January 20, 2018

Popping In

Throwback picture of the gondolas at Walt Disney World. 
What has kept me busy for so long, and to the point of exhaustion, I finally cut it loose.  The non-profit  I was so involved in, ( that was assisting the shelter animals at the local animal shelter) I submitted my resignation Jan 2.

The non-profit is successful and will continue to be successful in helping the shelter animals.  The board has reorganized and all is well.  Events and fundraising will continue, it just became too much for me.

Meanwhile, I have found a ton of free time on my hands.  Now, I can paint the bedroom that so desperately needs it, clean out boxes of stuff from my mom's house that are hiding in my closets and finally, I can sleep peacefully without the stress of the non-profit business.

Another perk of my free time is we now eat at home practically every night. It is nice to be able to have the time to plan a meal and enjoy it.  The hubs is pretty happy about it too.  The other night, I cleaned and organized the pantry.  Oddly enough, I have three bags of shredded coconut that I did not know about, and two bags of almond flour.  Otherwise, there were no more surprises.

We are enjoying a blast of cool weather here, cool enough to have the heat on and a jacket or two.  The cold is a welcome change from the constant Florida heat.  What I enjoy most, is our heated mattress pad.  That thing is the bomb!   I use it year round.  Have you ever used one?

As a side note, I added the picture of the gondolas at Walt Disney World.  We have annual passes to the parks this year, and among many things that are a bit different, no gondolas are one of them.  I remember them from my younger days and always made it a point to ride them. 

Another throwback pick of the gondolas at WDW.  

Binge watching on NetFlix: Lockup: State Prisons.

Honestly, I can't stop watching them.