Saturday, May 12, 2018


Finding my frugal groove is a process.  I have come to discover that coupons and keeping up with them overwhelm me.  And being overwhelmed depresses me.  So, couponing is not going to be my thing.  Transitioning to cash only for groceries ( an agreed amount biweekly) may be a better way to go for me.  I found my self buying stuff I did not really need using coupons. 

I will continue to shop at Aldi's and Walmart, and surprisingly, Target groceries, for the most part, are very affordable.  When it comes to coffee, bread anyway.  So that is that. 

Fire pit repurposed 

The job hunting is still ongoing, and when it happens, it will happen at the right time.  In the meantime, I will continue to finish projects around the house, which includes painting, and the occasional planting of a few flowers, mowing the yard and keeping the yard looking good.  Which by the way, makes me very happy.

Mother's Day started early for me, my middle son took me to lunch yesterday at Bonefish grill.

It is the best to be able to spend an hour or so of quality time, one on one with your adult children. 

I don't need gifts for Mother's Day, time spend with my kids is the best gift.

This weekend, the weather is overcast, and kinda blah.  The hubs is still sleeping, he had a long week and is catching up on his rest.  I have been up for a while, watered newly planted Confederate Jasmine, and the flowers that I recently planted in the fire pit that we never use.   Chatted with a friend from the animal shelter for almost an hour, and then had a nice daily chat with my daughter.  She calls daily, I just love that she does that.

  I forgot just how happy planting flowers makes me.  I will try not to get too carried away with it.  My OCD personality will get carried away with about anything, or so I have been told. ;-) 

What is your fondest Mother's Day memory?