Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2nd Interview

Friday was a scheduled interview with the county for a part-time position in the procurement office.  Well, I was not able to make the interview due to a spasm in my esophagus that started about noon.  Salvia was being produced, and I could swallow BUT after a certain time, (usually about 15 minutes) I would vomit the saliva back up.  This went on for hours and probably stopped about 2AM.
Crepe Myrtle 

Moving forward to Monday, which was yesterday, I had another interview at the elementary school about 20 minutes away.  It was a team interview, the Assistant Principal, department head and two instructors.  After the interview, I felt that it went very well and I was fairly confident that they would be calling me.

This afternoon, the AP did call and offer me the position as a teacher assistant.  I am beyond thrilled!  It is a 6-hour position, I will be on the grandkids schedule with the same days off as them and I will be back in the Florida State Retirement System building up my retirement benefits.  I am already vested in the system, and if I did not get another job in FRS, my monthly retirement benefit would be $100.

Now I can increase somewhat with more time in the FRS, and who knows, later on down the line I may be able to find a better paying job in the school system that will positively
affect my retirement benefits. 

The rate of pay for teacher assistants is not THAT much, especially when compared to my previous career as a sonographer.  The tradeoff is much lower stress and an acceptable schedule that I find very appealing.

Now, to finish some projects that need to get done before I go to work August 10! Truth be told,  a few months ago, I was convinced that I was going to be homebound for an extended period of time due to anxiety/depression.  For now, that has definitely changed for the better.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Recap of Yesterday

Today started out with an interview at a local elementary school for teacher assistant.  Specifically, it is for a math tutor for 4th and 5th-grade students that are struggling.

Princess on the porch this AM
The interview went well, until the math test.  Yep, I had to take a 5th-grade math test to qualify as a math tutor.  Makes sense of course.  I don't expect to hear back with a job offer lol.  Math is my Achilles heel. I struggle with it, had to remediate it when I went back to college.  It just does not stick.

Friday, I have an interview with the county for a part-time position as a level 1 office clerk in the procurement office.  I wonder if there will be a math test as a part of that interview.  Let's hope not!

Monday is another interview at an elementary school about 20 minutes away for a teacher assistant position.  There was no mention of what exactly the position is for.  I sure hope it's not Math related.

Our plans to go to Magic Kingdom today changed.  It started out as a simple trip with about 7 people from three families.  It then ballooned into a complicated trip with about 18 people and different people going to different places in the park at the same time to get the Fast Passes they selected.  I bailed and stayed home.

Tomorrow, we are going to Legoland, my daughter, her family and myself.  It should be less complicated and easier to maneuver.  They have a water park "in" Legoland, so we will be visiting that as well. It's going to be a long day but should be fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday Stuff

We had the grandkids spend the night last night.  That is sort of out of our normal schedule usually it is Saturday night and then we most of the time go to church and Sunday school the next day.   I think the change was a little disruptive to the kids schedule as well.  The oldest, Big C, 9 yr old boy was out of sorts and not quite himself.

We chatted about it at bedtime and come to find out he had plans to play video games with his dad last night.  He said he felt that he did not want to disappoint us by not coming over.  I told him he can certainly make his own decisions about spending the night with us and that it would not hurt our feelings at all.

He also said that no one listens to him and that school stresses him out AND that each summer is becoming less and less enjoyable because of all the chores he has to do at home.  I just let him vent and talk, talk, talk.  Poor thing....

I hate to mention it to his parents, but I probably should and I will.  I just need to figure out the best way to present it.   They tend to be a bit aggressive in finding out what is wrong, you know what I mean?  Not physically, more verbal.  Not in a bad way, it just seems over the top for me.  But who knows, maybe I was the same way too.

Its thundering out and we are on our way to Epcot.  Disney extended our Silver passes for an extra month so we are taking advantage of it.  It is hotter than balls out, but we will do the fast passes for two shows and a ride.  Then peace out!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

June Update

The yard work has continued since the last post.  We have removed more trees, branches, and added a few more flowering plants.  There were several more trips to the landfill to continue the process of cleaning up the yard and the fence line. 

The fences that surround our yard are not ours, but a compilation and mismatch of different fences of the homeowners that surround us. For the most part they are open wire no climb fences that more agricultural than pretty.

We have an acre of land, and you would think that would provide a level a privacy, but not so  much for us.  When you stand in our backyard, you can look around and see that we are surrounded by 6 other yards that we can look into and they can look into ours. 

It drives me crazy.  So, we are continuing to remove shrubs and trees that line the fences so we can put up our OWN privacy fence.  I cannot wait. 

With the summer rains kicking in daily, mowing the yard is a once a week event.  And it is hot as Hades, but still needs to be done. I enjoy yard work more than housework even with the intense heat. 

We have been looking at painting the outside of the house.  It's only been 7 years since we painted this house, but the paint we put up is already fading and looking yuck.  Hard to believe we have already been in this house for 7 years.  It certainly does not feel like it at all. 

We have looked at paint color swatches, driven around in different neighborhoods for inspiration and pretty much it has been fruitless.  There was nothing out there that caught our eye.  Until last week.  We drove by a house in my daughter's neighborhood and saw a house that was super cute.  What was the main thing that caught our eye?  Shutters.  And they are black shutters at that.  I never thought I would want black shutters, but with the paint scheme on that house, which we are going to try to replicate, I really love them.

Our current house does not have shutters, in fact, none of the houses on this street, cul de sac have shutters.  We or I am going to Home Depot to get a set of shutters and we will hang them up and see how they look.  Maybe we can move forward with changing the paint color after that.  I sure hope so.

 We are keeping kiddos busy with Vacation Bible School this week.  Next week, we are going to hit Legoland, they had a BOGO on yearly passes.  Our Disney passes are blacked out for the next two months, which is fine.  Pretty sure we did get our money's worth out of those.  Did I mention we have SeaWorld passes too?  BOGO on Black Friday special.  They have Aquatica, a big waterpark that we take the kiddos to about once a month.  We are homegrown tourists.

For now, I am still unemployed.  I decided against going back into selling on eBay.  I just can't get all carried away with that stuff again.  And, my heart is just not into it.  When I originally sold on eBay, it was fun.  I didn't find that spark when I tried to start it up again.

My mom's birthday was June 1st.  Since she passed 5 years ago, ( I cannot believe it been 5 years) I till struggle with her death and our relationship.  Around her birthday, I still get in a funk.  Man, I hope upon hope that every year will get better, but not yet.  5 years..... still can't believe it. 

Still staying busy, trying not to go crazy! 

How are you doing?